Morrowind Theme Helps Harpist Fund Her Next Album

This is Gillian Grassie, a Philadelphia-area harpist. That's not the sort of instrument that gets a record deal; harpists typically fund their recordings by playing weddings, dining rooms and the like. To raise money for her next album, Grassie took requests, and found that video game patrons are very willing to support the arts.

Here's The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind on harp, a video that went modestly viral and kickstarted her fund drive, taking her past a goal of $US8000 to $US12,500 today. "Thanks so much for taking this viral guys!" writes Gillian ("soft G, X-Files style") "The Elder Scrolls community has a new, soft, warm place in my heart."

If soft-G Gillian goes beyond $US15,000 in funding by Saturday, she can press her album in vinyl. She can already afford to cut it on CD and promote it on the radio. Should her cover of the Morrowind theme move you, donations are accepted here.

The Elder Scrolls Theme Played on a Harp is F**king Beautiful [RipTen]


    That was utterly fantastic.

    You smell that ??
    sniffs...Yup, that's Nostalgia!
    That was brilliant.

    Tear in my eye...

    Whats with the eyebrows

    I almost feel like im playing morrowind and oblivion right now event hough im playing wow...thats just how bloody awesome that rendtion was

    Don't want to be a killjoy but is this legal? Wouldn't the music be copyrighted?

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