Mortal Kombat Adds Klassic Costumes, Klassic Fatalities, Skarlet With Its First DLK

Mortal Kombat Adds Klassic Costumes, Klassic Fatalities, Skarlet With Its First DLK

The first batch of downloadable content for NetherRealm Studios’ new Mortal Kombat keeps it “klassic” with fancy, old-school ninja duds, fondly remembered fatalities and at least one new character, red ninja girl Skarlet.

So says series co-creator Ed Boon, who tweets “The 7 Klassic outfits & 3 Klassic fatalities that were retailer exclusives will be bundled into one DLC package.” For the record, that’s the Mortal Kombat II gear for Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Reptile, and Ermac as well as Mortal Kombat 3 outfits for Jade, Kitana and Mileena, plus some old-school fatalities.

Expect a trailer for this stuff to show up very soon, with the downloadable character Skarlet making an appearance at E3 2011, Boon says.


  • sweet holy moses yes!

    now all i need is the game…

    and an r18+ followed by resubmission of the game so i can get the dlc

    • I know you can get the Kombat (ugh) Pass working by downloading it on another account set to US region, and then switching back to your normal account.

      I’m not sure if the same would work for DLC, but I don’t see why not. You’d just have to get some MSP for the other account though.

      • I can confirm that the UK store is definitely NOT the same region as Oz. My Online Kode doesn’t work if I just try and put it it, I will have to get a UK account with Xbox Live Gold (can buy 48hr passes online) to activate the Kode, save it to my Xbox hard drive and then I can use my regular gamertag to play.. but I suspect all DLC will have to be downloaded via the UK account

    • I got the US version on the PS3. I am hoping we can download it on out normal accounts as the game is not banned in New Zealand (claim off their servers?). If not, I have already created a US account to claim them, which others have told me you can use on the your Aus account from dealing with previous banned games.

      I wish the bloody PSN Network wasn’t down for a friggin month so I can claim my freebies as I got the US Kollectors Edition.

  • We can still get the DLC, but you’ll need to purchase it through the UK gamertag that you used to download online pass. DLC is stored on your HD, so so long as the UK profile is signed in, anyone else singed in can use that DLC 🙂

    • i managed to get a code for classic ermac costume download that came with my kollectors edn working on my AU profile, but i also have codes for mk tshirt and scorpion costume for XBOX Live avatars, and I can’t get those codes to work… if i sign into my uk profile, the codes work, but they will be locked to the UK profile according to the usage restrictions. #shakesfist

  • I loved when video games didn’t continue to try and ring money out of you for stupid content that doesnt take the gameplay anywhere.

    When did it become ok? Hat sims? I would prefer to pay for new content, proper gameplay wise, rather than this sort of crap.

    • i would consider DLCs for the extra characters Kenshi and Skarlet, and additional fatalities to fall into the category of expanding gameplay… retro costumes not too much, but personally i still think it has appeal, and i’ll be ringing out my money for them…

      • I would get it for Skarlet, she looks awesome and I’d love to see what kind of back story they came up with.

  • I’m very glad it’ll be bundled together… I was afraid they’d be charging like 5 bucks per ‘kharakter’ 😛

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