One Day, We Will Play A New Guilty Gear. One Day.

Before arcade game developer Arc System Works was known for fighting game BlazBlue, it was known for Guilty Gear. So when's the next GG fighter coming out? Series creator Daisuke Ishiwatari says, "I honestly don't know - not because I can't tell you, but because I really don't know - but it will happen eventually!" [Siliconera]


    I don't want a new GG i just want a port of GGAC to modern consoles to allow a new/modern/mainstream audience to marvel at it's greatness!

    That sounds just as non committal as when they asked the Capcom Devs on MM:Legends 3 @[email protected]

    The good news is... it did come true eventually... well soonish since it's still in middle of development xD

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