Our First Look At Battlefield 3's Take On Karkand

Here's our first, sadly static, look at the map you get for free if you pre-order the Limited Edition of Electronic Arts' Battlefield 3.

Back to Karkand is a chance to relieve the "greatest Battlefield maps ever," according to a developer blog about the expansion pack bonus. The pack includes the four most played maps in the history of Battlefield: Strike at Karkland, Wake Island, Gulf of Oman and Sharqi Peninsula. Combined, DICE says, these maps have been played for 25,000 years.

Check out the DICE Battlefield 3 blog to read through the entire interview about this bonus pack.


    Gah! Not Wake! I hate Wake! Why won't someone think of the children?!

    concept art! damn the thumbnail is misleading

    is this for preorder on consoles or just pc? and can you still pre-order now? NZ usually miss out on this sorta thing, but gears beta came to us.

    Release day DLC? Fuck off EA.

      It isn't "release day DLC" it's DLC that every single person who buys a first-hand copy of the game gets for free.

      It's so that when people buy the game second hand EA/DICE actually have a chance to make a few pennies off of them by them buying this DLC.

      It's a good tactic and I don't disagree with it, because I always buy games first hand.

    It's static?

    It's not just static, it's concept art lol.

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