Battlefield 3 Strikes Karkand In New Trailer

Battlefield 3 is already a terrific game, but the Back To Karkand expansion adds more explosive content. Here is the new "Strike At Karkand" trailer, showing us our first extended look at gameplay footage.

The first trailer displayed a general overview of the expansion, including the locales in which we would be fighting.

Back to Karkand features new weapons, vehicles, and classic maps from Battlefield 2. It will be released this December, free for those who bought a copy of the Limited Edition of Battlefield 3, or available on the same date at 1200 Microsoft Points.


    I've got this annoying bug in the ps3 version, I can only log on to ea games servers if I delete my saved game and stats locally, so I keep my progress (Lvl. 22) but have to customise my soilder and options everytime I log in.Very annoying and I think if they were going to fix it they would have by now.

    my game (PS3) freezes sometimes with BF3 and i revert back to lvl 1 and lose everything and need to restart the game again to get my lvls/weapons back little annoying but still lovin the BF3 :)

    I like how its going to essentially free. I don't know anyone who doesn't have the special edition.

    I Play on Consoles, and i wish the game ran as smooth as it did in that triler =(

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