Screens Of Battlefield 3’s ‘Back To Karkand’ Expansion

Screens Of Battlefield 3’s ‘Back To Karkand’ Expansion

The launch trailer offered teasers of how the up-scaled environments from previous Battlefield games would look in the upcoming Back to Karkand expansion pack, but these screens show them in all their Frostbite 2 glory. Back to Karkand will also include new dog tags, new Xbox Live achievements/PSN trophies, three new vehicles and 10 iconic Battlefield weapons. It’ll also introduce a new persistence system where you’ll complete assignments to earn rewards. Back to Karkand rolls out in December.










  • No, just no. Stop making “expansion packs” that should have been part of the game and then releasing them only a few months after the game comes out.

    • Sometimes I would agree with this sentiment. But the game shipped with 9 maps and that’s pretty substantial, and this expansion is substantial in its own right, AND it was announced well before the game came out and given for free to Limited Edition buyers.

    • That complaint would be valid if not for the fact that they gave pretty much everybody who already owns the game the Back to Karkand pack for free.

      • not really. it was given to those who bought the limited edition.
        the only thing the limited edition contains is the expansion pack, so therefore youre just paying extra for the expansion pack.

        dont have to be smart to figure that one out. obviously its not free.

        • Well if you brought it from the right store in Australia, it would of been the same price as the standalone game, if not $10 cheaper …. smart buying ?

        • spizzaza, stop trolling you moron.

          The limited edition = THE ONLY EDITION available on release date, it costs NO MORE than the “normal” edition will.

          So basically all you had to do to get this for free was buy the game on release.

          I swear, gamers are the biggest bunch of spoiled, shitty little children I’ve ever encountered in my life.

        • considering that the LE was $69 at Dick Smith and a few other places, and the standard was $69 at Big W/Target, I’d say you’re not paying anything for it at all…

      • Done what? Released DLC?

        It was not on disc DLC.

        It’s an entire month after release date, heaps of games release DLC way earlier.

        They aren’t doing anything wrong….

    • I just bought the ‘limited edition’ and it was exactly £0,97 more expensive then the ‘regular edition’. I think you argument really flies. (Not that it’s entirely without a point though.)

  • Can’t wait.
    Too many of the maps so far have “choke points”, so it just ends up a cluster fuck in the middle of the map.

    • Those choke points are my favourite bits so far. Battlefield too often has just been about circling around each other. This way we actually have firefights now.

        • Noobtubers are alright , but I cant stand the Mortar…

          On that point a bad trend I’ve seen is every time I’ve gotten killed by a rocket its from lowbies 🙁 . I swear people have come from COD and think the fastest way to lvl is to spam explosives its so annoying…

          • I just spotted a server called “TDM HC Fast Rank”, so that will be where all the CoD fans are.

          • you can just mortar the enemy mortar :3. They appear on your map when they shoot, so if you just grab your mortar wait for them to shoot, then counter youll be fine 🙂

        • To be completely honest if the majority of the opposing team is huddled in a small area (generally all prone aiming down a choke point) why would you not use explosives?

          Seems like the logical choice to me.

  • typical electronic art$, trying to fuck everyone over. i mean honestly, who still cares about this medal of honor expansion pack?

    • awwww, wont mummy and daddy buy you a new video card.
      EA are rewarding the gamers that pre-ordered or purchased this game new and at launch.
      best method i’ve seen so far to get people to buy new, instead of cheaping out on trade-ins and discounted copies.
      plus, it’ll be a great freshen up when it comes out

  • I frikkin loved Karkand. Just looked up my old stats – I spent more than 70 hours on that one map! Eeek. And a positive k/d, not bad seeing as I was our Clan’s Medic 🙂

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