Portal 2's Erik Wolpaw Lecture Online For Your Viewing Pleasure

One of the writers of Portal 2, Erik Wolpaw, gave a talk last week at NYU's Game centre. You may have become aware of this because of the number of stories that ushered forth from the talk, like Wolpaw's passion for Rick the Adventure Sphere or why Chell doesn't speak. Or perhaps you were one of the dozens of people who were forced to stand outside the at-capacity lecture hall.

Now you can watch the whole talk online, hosted by NYU's Frank Lantz. Superfans should notice the call out to Kotaku's own Stephen Totilo and part-time-own Leigh Alexander.

NYU Lecture Series [Gamecenter.NYU.edu]


    There is a game centre in NYU? What does that mean? Can I study game design at NYU? Does anyone know?

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