PSP Games Coming To PS3 With HD Visuals, Extra Content

Sony today unveiled a new initiative whereby select PlayStation Portable titles will be ported to the PlayStation 3, with improvements made along the way to make the whole thing worthwhile.

It's called the PlayStation Portable Remaster Series, and sees certain PSP games re-released on the PS3 with enhancements like exclusive new content, HD graphics, control pad support and more.

Most interesting, and promising for existing PSP gamers, is that save games for these titles will work on both systems, so you can take the same campaign from PSP to PS3 and back again.

The first game announced for this line is smash hit (in Japan) Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, which will be re-released on the PS3 this Summer (in Japan). Sony says more games from more publishers will be coming down the pipeline.


    So Kingdom Hearts BBS could be played on the PS3? Awesome! Please make this happen! There was already a HD make of an epic fight scene in BBS so I can see this working :)



      However, if this allowed split screen PSP action on my PS3 though... Sony might be on to something if this is the case.

    I'll take anything by Square, especially Crisis Core and Dissidia, Resistance Retribution as a twin stick shooter, Jak and Daxter lost frontier, oh this could be very good. :)

      People like you are the reason why Square's Square. Because they can pump out shit, stagnate and suffer no financial penalty. They're guaranteed hits with weeaboos.

    Come on, Valkyria Chronicles 2/3 please! I would like to avoid having to buy a cheap PSP if I can. :P

    Peace Walker is practically begging for it!

    Valkyria Chronicles +1 !

    DJMAX Portables please.
    Oh, and Gundam vs Gundam NEXT+.

    (raises hand) Do want.

    I'd love to see games like Phantasy Star Portable 2 and hopefully PSP2 Infinity get this treatment, that way their might be a possibility of me actually getting to play Infinity down here

    GTA Chinatown Wars please!!!!!


    Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines could do with a major overhaul and re-release. Mind you, it would take far more than a shiny new coat of paint to make it worthwhile.

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