Here's Your First Look At A PSP Game Running In "HD" On A PS3

The first title revealed for Sony's new PlayStation Portable Remaster Series is Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD. Here's the game's debut trailer, showing the kind of improvements Sony hopes will convince people to buy a PSP game and play it on their PS3.


    Unreal. I cant wait to play this.
    I wanted to play the first one years ago, but had trouble finding an English version. I realy hope they bring patapon and loco roco to ps3 also.

    I hope they do Crisis Core: FFVII. It's really the only game I have any desire playing on PSP, so not worthwhile for me to buy a PSP just for one game.

    Woohoo! Yet MORE MH awesomeness we'll never get to experience in the West :D

    Hope they sell them in a bundle so you can by the console+handheld version together. So you don't have to buy the psp version separate to use your gamesave on the move.

    Looks good but to be honest, doesnt look at all much better than the Wii version. Not exactly a bad thing - the Wii game did look great! Just would have liked a bit more..

      The differences to the Wii version is going to pretty obvious when you play it yourself in 720p and 5.1 DD.

      I think the Wii version looked better honestly.

    Seriously, just give me this on PSP (localised of course) and I'll die happy.

    It's like they're rubbing it in.

    Great. A video of a game where the entire point is showing the visual improvements of running it in 720p/1080p instead of 272p... and it's in 360p only. Hopefully they release this video in HD at some point.

      That's what i thought.

    Crisis core, dissidia and dissidia duodecim please! ><

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