Sorry Folks - L.A. Noire Has NOT Broken Street Date

Sorry to disappoint the folks salivating over the possibility of a L.A. Noire street break - but so far it has not happened, and most likely will not happen. There has been an image circulating around the web, via tumbler, that shows a receipt, from Game Traders in Chadstone - but we've called the store and while they admit to selling one copy, they've called it a "mistake" and have removed all other copies of the game from shelves.

So, in short you will most likely have to wait until tomorrow, with neither Game or EB budging on the date, despite the fact that Game Traders have sold one copy.

But you might want to head into your latest Game Traders and see if they'll make the same mistake again!


    Rockstar are total a-hats when it comes to release dates, they pretty much kill you if you break it.

      Didn't Red Dead break early? I remember getting either a call or a text message (I don't remember which) from JB Hi-Fi early in the afternoon the day before it was supposed to come out. I remember the same JB calling me the afternoon before GTA IV was supposed to come out saying that the pre-orders were ready but that they absolutely couldn't let me pick it up until the morning - they were probably super strict there specifically because it was GTA and not just a Rockstar game.

    Damn, I have actually been searching round the net looking to see if anyone had broken the street date. Hopefully by the arvo some moron in Game, E.B, or JB screws up again and the floodgates open! Can't wait for this one, even if it is only another day.

    Cheers for following it up Mark, trying to find out info was swallowing my afternoon.

    I'll still give JB another ring this arvo, but it looks I may have to hang on til tomorrow. Noooooo!

    But but but... the LEGO street date was broken... why cant they break the street date of a game i actually care about QQ

    I called Knox City Harvey Norman and they were happy to sell it to me over the phone.

    However by the time I got in there to pick it up it was a different story.

    Still if you live close to a Harvey Norman might be worth a try, those guys usually break street date. I've bought countless games a few days early from there, simply because their staff aren't educated on these matters.

      " Educated on these things " lol.. Harveys are usualy the last people to break a streeet date .. what do they care if they miss a few game sales they have 2000 other products to sell.. its JB and Woolworths etc that are always breaking.. Shelf stackers dont read the do not sell packaging lol

      I was counting on you to hook me up with a review copy!

    Pretty excited for it. I can wait until tomorrow though, its not hard.

    For up to date streetbreaking info check the forums - lotsa people involved at the moment :)

    I'm more concerned for the well being of the person who's parents name them 'Starci', which I'll assume is a girl.

    I usually go to Big W the night before release. The folks in the entertainment section also know sh*t all about that stuff.. they go out back bring one out and tada

    I already tried posing as the president of Rockstar on Twitter and convincing them to sell it.

    I can't believe it didn't work. It was such a watertight plan.

    Err thats awkward

    Maybe i'll just play Pirates tonight then :)

    Seriously? Gamers can't wait one more day for the game to be released? I understand being hyped up for a game but honestly, ONE DAY!

      I thought it came out on Thursday?

      Wait, tomorrow is Thursday! Success for everybody!

    I was at Knox City today.. It looked like EB was selling it (although I didn't try to buy it so I'm probably wrong), JB was saying it was out tomorrow and GAME was saying it doesn't come out til the 20th.

    "... but so far it has not happened ..."

    "... but we’ve called the store and while they admit to selling one copy ..."

    It really is hard to re-read an article after you've written it these days with all the twitters and the youtubes distracting you.

      Think about.

      Street Date has not broken. Stores have not been given permission from Rockstar to sell. Is it really that hard to understand?

    I got it in the mail today and i'm playing it now, deal with it

      I have never trusted a vegetable... and I'm not prepared to start now.

        Maybe you would prefer fruit?

    Vegetable Lasagne your name rocks my socks.

    One more day peoples then it's crime time!

    Do you really want photos?


        so be it, one of the game on the pause menu (with delivery box and game packaging) and one of the game with this page

          Damn, I was hoping for photos of rock hard abs.

            sorry cant please everyone

          Now that's all well and good but the more important question is... is that Beavis?
          And... is he playing LA Noire?

            yes its beavis, no hes not playing hes just cheering me on

            p.s. mac rules, get over yourself

    I get it tomorrow at midday... Have to wait til after work... God... Then have to go from work to my sons karate class.. 5 - 6.15... Doh... Then MY own karate class... 6.30 til 8... Don't get home til 8.30... Damn it. Worst part? Gf gets home then too and we have 1 tv. It's 'gossip girl night' for her!!!!! AAAAAAAAAARRRRGH! it's gonna be nearly 10 til I get to play it damn it! And I have a driving lesson 6am Friday!!!!!! FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!

    At least the gf is having a girls night fri night. I'm gonna don a fedora and a trenchcoat and have a noir night!

      (I can't skip karate, we just had gradings, non attendance means loss of grading...)

    I wanted it tonight because my band is playing a show at the East Brunswick Club tomorrow night so I won't get a chance to play it.

    See what I did there?


        He plugged his gig at the East Brunswick Club tomorrow night .. that's Thursday 19th of May at the East Brunswick Club

          Dang. 'See what I did there's' are usually reserved for witty stuff... dang... :(

    Be picking my copy on the way home today...


    I've heard the street date has been broken, so I can't wait to play it.


    Been waiting for this game for most of the year, and I hear it's just like a movie.


    Can't wait to see what mis-adventures Jack Sparrow will get upto this time!


    Problem? trollface.jpg


    I actually had no idea the street date was tomorrow!
    I woke up this morning and found Dick Smith "selling" it for 79 and jumped on it.
    They sent me an email half an hour ago that it's been posted. In fact, I just checked their site now and it's "In Stock".
    Ahh this preorder stuff is always madness!

    Haha, I just called up another store that I got tipped off to selling L.A. Noire early, and the guy just goes "No comment." and hangs up on me. Good times.

    Errrr......if you're that impatient then surely it's easy enough to just mod your console and play the version that's on the web now?

    Or are you all such purists that you refuse to mod your console on principle alone? You know, there is such a thing as having a modded console AND still buying games.

      Oh so true, having a modded console rocks, and I still go and buy real games too.

    " I just bougth the game from JB in Springvale, they just put it on the shelf for tommorow and said that I could take a copy " AWESOME!!! hehe Ill be half way through before anyone else even plays it =P

      I dont know you, but I know I hate you.

      I'll be halfway to your mum's house before you even put the disc in your console.

      Due to work commitments over the next 2 days I'll have to wait until Friday night to pick it up and due to social engagements I probably won't play it until Sunday. Seriously though, I'm not busting through my pants to play it. I'm not 12 years old, I can wait.

    There is no JB in Springvale!!!

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