Report: Next-Gen Xbox Already At EA; EA: That’s ‘Total Fabrication’

Report: Next-Gen Xbox Already At EA; EA: That’s ‘Total Fabrication’

Now that Nintendo has revealed its plans to jump into the next-generation with a successor to the Wii, will Microsoft and Sony follow suit? A report earlier today from Develop says that not only is Microsoft working on the next Xbox console, it’s already in the hands of developer Electronic Arts.

But EA says that’s not true at all.

Develop’s report cited a “senior, trusted, well-placed source” who claimed that the successor to the Xbox 360 is real and sitting on the desks of an “unnamed Electronic Arts studio” in its non-finalised hardware form. Speculation by that source pointed to a “late 2012” launch for Microsoft’s next-gen console.

Reached for comment, EA categorically denied the report. “This story is a total fabrication – 100 percent not true,” said EA spokesman Jeff Brown in a statement to Kotaku.

Develop source: New Xbox console on desks at EA [Develop]


  • I’ll take this with a grain of salt but The major reason to deny the existence of a new consol is to keep the older one selling strong. It’s completely plausible Nintendo’s wii 2 has jump started the next consol race early which is why I’m pretty sour its appearing at all 😛

    • Well technically, game consoles have a normal 5 year life span before the successor hits the streets.. 5 years are nearly up and here is the successor to the Wii which everyone could of predicted considering what hardware is inside.

      MS and Sony on the other hand both spent so much on R&D for both the consoles and motion controls. They have said repeatedly they wont be rushing to get a new console out, they want to delay it as long as possible to help recoup some of the cash they invested on those HD bad boys..

      • I imagine they’ll wait to see what the Wii-2 brings to the table, just how powerful it is… what the new gimmick is.

        Once it’s out, then they;ll finalise their specs and start work.

  • Considering it’s an xbox, there could be a high-end windows PC sitting on a desk and it wouldn’t be a lie to say that its a “non-finalised” version of the next xbox 🙂

  • Like another article suggested, theres not really going to be a new generation. I do believe MS and Sony when they say there going to give them 10 years.

    What remains to be seen is if during that 10 years they end up releasing there new hardware much like the PS2 and PS3.

    But I dont see MS abandoning ship like they did with the Xbox.

    I would like to see them both hold off til 2013 for an early announcement before a later release. I’m personally not ready for a new console. I’m happy with console graphics (open cue for smart PC gamer comment here) and well half the engines going around on consoles these days are powerful enough.

    I just hope when the time comes, we dont have to go through 6-12 months of a really lame line up and launch titles and poor games whilst developers get there act together and solve how to use a new system. Xbox 360 launch was pretty bad IMO and even the PS3 wasnt up to scratch 12 months after that!

    • I never understand PC gamers when they go on about how much better graphics are on a PC.

      Yes they CAN be better, but its incredibly expensive, and really, how many people have that kind of a rig?
      That and the difference isn’t really that great yet, I predict that a new generation of consoles is only going to come out when PC graphics start to really outstrip console ones.

      My opinion: PC is the driver that forces consoles to upgrade. It sets the hardware standard that they conform to, and they make it easier for people to play games.

  • in response to PC gamer, i agree the consoles are fine, and pc’s are expensive in comparison, but lets talk in a bit more detail, nividia made a pc rig for $600 (AU) that could run crysis 2 at highest spec ( way better than console graphics ),
    now u counter with well then u would have to go and by a screen and mouse..ext but u do that with a console as well, it just that u did that in advance by accident,, so two years ago what u said is true but these days if u have a bit of tec smarts and shop around the pc is not that more expensive, PS3=$500 PC=$600 well a 100 ant bad for the huge jump in functionality, and performance, not hang crap or anything i just thought this was some interesting stuff

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