Skype Officially Coming To Kinect, Windows Phone, Xbox Live

Rumoured by Reuters last night, Microsoft this morning confirmed that they are buying internet voice talk and video service Skype for $US8.5 billion. They also confirmed that the service will "support" devices like the Xbox, Kinect and Windows Phone and that it will be connected to Xbox Live and other Microsoft communities. They will also continue to "support" non-Microsoft platforms, they assured. [Microsoft]


    Adam Smolkowicz Wow sold to microsoft

    Was Skype in debt by about 530 odd million?
    Seems like a huge cost, for something that isn't making money.

    Still, it's not like MS can't afford to swallow that debt.

    Great, now I have to put clothes on to play XBox

    Wow! great news I think soon Skype facilities will be increase.

    window mobile users will get more features and functionality because of Skype integration.Great news for Skype and window users.

    Will that entail that they're going to support the Linux version, as well? Mala temporat currunt!!! :/

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