Square Enix Just Cancelled A Bunch Of Games

Square Enix has cancelled multiple in-development titles, according to the company's latest financial forecast. These games were binned as the company is "introducing a tightened selection standard regarding title lineup to strengthen the revenue base of the Company's digital entertainment segment". The name/franchise of the cancelled titles was not disclosed. [Square Enix]


    Do you think we just saw cancellation of Dragon Quest X for WII?

      If that's the case, some lives will be canceled as well.

        Hahahahaha I shouldn't laugh at that because its probably true...

    Is this surprising?
    They tend to announce a tonne of games at a time.

    "tightened selection standard"
    Alright games! If there isn't a "Final Fantasy" or "Dragon Quest" in your name, you can bugger off!

    .....sigh. There goes my hopes of one day seeing a re-release of Terranigma.

    The games industry needs a "tightened selection standard" on a whole.

    Quality > Quantity

      Quality our marketing department will determine!

    It had better not be Versus XIII. First Final Fantasy game I've been excited for in a very long time (and it's been a very long time indeed).

      I wouldn't say so - the last was quite successful and sold well, just below the hype given to it. Critically it was a bomb aswell as fan reaction, but commercially it did well. I think most if not all FF games will. And I can only imagine the budget for Versus aswell that they wouldn't wanna throw down the drain.

      As someone said, just don't screw with Eidos.

    They better not have cancelled any Eidos games!

    I hope they cancel ffxiv. Throwing money at a dead horse won't revive it.

    I hope it was not The World Ends With You 2.

    I have been awaiting a sequel to this glorious game ever since I finished it.

    Gun Loco bit the bullet already (not that anyone was excited for it). Probably so they can make way for more ports.

    trust me if they cancelled kingdom hearts 3D dream drop distance then ill be madder then a texas bunyip under the hot tin sun i wasted my 3 YEARS thats right 3 YEARS allowance for the stupid nintendo 3DS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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