Square Enix Confirms The Existence Of Final Fantasy Versus XIII

The rumor, it seems, was wrong! Today, Square Enix head Yoichi Wada confirmed that he just came out of a Final Fantasy Versus XIII meeting.

According to Wada's tweet, "There's someone making a false rumour that Versus was cancelled. Haha...Just a minute ago, the regular Versus meeting ended. The presentation of the city knocked me off my feet~lol"

Okay, then, let's see it!

ヴェルサスがキャンセルされたってデマ流してるやつがいるらしい [Twitter]


    Yawn. vaporware.

      Agreed. Show us some actual progress and we might sum up the energy to care about it again.

    hells yeah!!!

    I'll believe it when I see it.

    Kotaku should apologise after publishing such a suggestive article as they did claiming this project was dead. It may have been claimed in the title to be merely a rumour but the journalistic content was anything but. I guess that's why people have come to expect so little from this website's coverage on gaming news.

      Equally, where's the actual proof it EXISTS?

      1. Ingame gameplay.
      2. Release date confirmation.
      3. Ingame SCREENSHOTS at least, and not pre-rendered cgi.

      All we've got is prerendered crap so far. Yay..... *slow clap Squeenix slow clap*

      This is now second on the 'Taken too damn long to make' list. Right behind DNF. By the time it's made it'll be 7 - 8 years in production. We've seen a game that took 10+. It wasn't pretty...

        Ahh. Did you miss the last trailer or am I missing something? IIRC there were some ingame scenes with some of their action styled battle system getting shown off as well as Noctis jumping into a mech and onto the back of a tank or armoured vehicle of some sort.

          Just saw it, thanks for the update. Didn't fill me with a lot of hope unfortunately. It's good to see them going away from the standard FF style gameplay but it looked like a third rate DMC knockoff from what I saw :\ Don't get me wrong, I'd love if it came out and was amazing. It would all be worth it. But 6 years in development? C'mon... that trailer didn't look like 6 years of development... but that being said, it does look like a massive improvement on FF13 :)

        I guess you missed the 2011 trailer?

    Still smells like an outlet pushing bad news rumours from "sources" to try and force information out of SE. Stinks.

    I knew it!

    Until we see something, I'm going to continue assuming it's done for.

    Oh well, don't really care about Versus....I just want to hear this Final Fantasy XIII announcement!

      It's because of people like you...

    Great job with the bait kotaku.
    hook, line and sinker.

    Meh I'm okay with one off rumor. Kotaku has presented many rumors which have turned out to be true, like the Smart Glass thing

    Omg guise rumour has it SE are never going to give us any more information about this game. Spread the word maybe we can be proved wrong again. ;)

    "Just a minute ago, the regular Versus meeting ended."

    I get the impression the meeting went something like this:
    Developer 1: "So, did you get anything done?"
    Developer 2: "Nope. Did you?"
    Developer 1: "Nope."
    Square Exec: "Excellent! Meeting adjourned."

    The rumor wasn't wrong. Your article was wrong ashraft

    Give us some new details or it never happened.

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