The Sims Generations Lets You Hire Strippers And Go Through A Mid Life Crisis

The Sims Generations Lets You Hire Strippers And Go Through A Mid Life Crisis

Alright. I must have missed the memo – when did The Sims stop being about cleaning up your babies poo poo, or ‘making whoopee’, and start being about hiring strippers and awesome mid-life crisis’?

Look, I have absolutely no idea if this will turn out to be some sort of terrible ruse, but I’m almost tempted to bust out The Sims 3, which remains in it’s cellophane wrapper – to this day – and give it a bash.

Apparently it allows you to pull ‘hilarious’ teenage pranks, host American Pie-style teenage parties, become the Prom King/Queen and build frickin’ Tree Houses?

Count me in.



    • WOAH!! I just had a thought..

      Can i make a tree house WITH the corpse of the hookers i strangle in my mid-life crysis during a keg party?

      • I sort of feel like this is the way The Sims should have been. The first game proved that a simulation life could be entertaining and popular. They were then left with a choice, continue working on the ‘simulation’ and make a game where you could build a tree house full of dead hookers and kegs, or just work on making it more appealing to their biggest audience, kids and bored housewives.

        I think if they had kept going in the simulation direction, with the freedom and lack of morals as say the GTA series, they really could have made something special. Sure it would get on every news channel and probably banned, but something special all the same.

        Imagine if you could make your sim into a serial killer that went about murdering other sims at night, the twist, your day job is as the local detective tasked with catching the killer.

        • This idea sounds ok, but I was really hoping they would bring out a real-time grass growing sim.
          All the excitement and action of growing your very own grass comes to life on a PC near you.

          • I once made a paint-drying sim… unfortunately it was deemed too excited and refused classification for “extreme impact awesome”

        • I honestly believe they would be structurally sound. The use of drugs will make them much thinner, therefore less wobbly bits to make the structure unstable… it would be like building with bones, only their mummified flesh would help fuse it all together.

          • “Chuloopa: We pay cash for your dead hookers!”

            This is a completely untapped market

            I didn’t mean to make that into a pun

  • Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the term making “woohoo”?

    Not that I would know. Not that I have played the sims 3. Or any of the sims games. EVER.

  • I’ve always said that Sims games don’t get enjoyable until around 6 months after launch when all the depraved, wildly inappropriate mods come out for the game.

  • can we have a mid-life crisis, turn into a mafia mob boss and own a strip joint?

    or have a strip joint in my bedroom with teh BOOBZ?


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