What The Sharp-Dressed Heavy Will Be Wearing In Tribes: Ascend

Hi-Rez Studios continues to tease Tribes fans with concept art from its upcoming online multiplayer sequel Tribes: Ascend. Here's a look at the heavy-class armour Diamond Sword and Blood Eagle troops will be sporting once the game drops.


    Damn, that looks awesome.

    The actual sword on the back of the DS heavy is a nice touch.

    Let's hope this game is not just hype.

    I'm hoping SO MUCH for this to be good.


    Where's the jetpacks?

      Oh wait I see them. But they're friggin tiny.

        If I remember correctly, they were always kinda small-ish...

        This game had better be awesome... a lot of hopes and wet dreams are riding on this puppy

    Hi-Rez blew the hype through the sky for Global Agenda...and delivered a mediocre experience.

    Lets hope they don't made a cheap replica of the franchise they originally imitated.

    Did I say that out loud? I meant "inspired by".

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