A Natural Hug Pillow Evolution

Hug pillows, or "dakimakura" as they're called in Japanese, are otaku bedroom staples. But what if you didn't hug the pillow, but the pillow hugged you?

That's the concept behind this "dakaremakura" that features Super Sonico, the virtual idol created by game company Nitro Plus.

Out this August, the pillow cover features two outstretched arms, which, as Kotaku Japan points out, is reminiscent of Jesus. Most likely, that isn't the intention, but rather to make a more huggable pillow.

Super Sonico hug pillow order form (Skynet) In Japan, hug pillows aren't only an otaku thing. More conservative ones are snapped up by those, young and old, hoping to have a better night's sleep.

In the otaku subculture, hug pillows have a different meaning—nerd folklore insinuates that they provide more than a good night's sleep.

With this latest innovation, surely spreadable legs are next.

抱くより抱かれたい...すーぱーそに子の「抱かれ枕」登場(ギャラリーあり) [Kotaku Japan]


    it must be said. . .

    so ronrey

      Forever arone.

    I get the front, but why is there a butt on the back?

      I Lol'ed when I saw that. It's just asking to be mistreated.

        She is totally asking to be sodomized.
        ...and they wonder why their fans go all psycho when they find out their voices are real people.

        "Stop raping your pillow dude!"

    If they had a photo of a real woman on them instead of some anime chick, I'd buy one. Just to hug, of course. *cough*

    "Give me a hug! It's anime Jesus!"

    Who designs this shit.

    But how would it hug you? The arms would just fall back beside the body part unless they had something holding them in place. What you need is something with like a padded wire core that would make it pose able.

    Just realised I probably put too much thought into this

      Possibly a small heating unit inside, with something to tick and replicate a heartbeat? :P

        Going to need a noise box for breathing noises and light snoring, probably something so she drools a little in her sleep too.

        Christ, I need a girlfriend.

    Seriously... thats just sad

    Id hit it.


    The arms aren't needed. Dakimakuras are fine just as they are.

    Pressure sensor + servo controlled arms that hug you :D

    then i will buy this + fleshlight + stanley knife

    Haha. The bottom of the image has a skynet logo. Now we know where it began.

    Ok seriously, how much longer will it take for these pillows to come with 2 holes added to them.

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