Battlefield 3 Looks Just Fine On Console, Thanks

To date, every single thing we've seen on Battlefield 3 has been of the PC version. And yet, the game is coming out on Xbox 360 and PS3. Tonight, we got our first look at one of those console versions.

On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon earlier tonight, as part of the show's week-long focus on gaming, DICE showed off the PS3 version of Battlefield 3. It didn't look as good as the PC version. That was always bound to happen. But is it one of the best-looking things we've ever seen on the PS3?

It's definitely up there.

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    ...Pc or 360...argh!

      No contest there. The PC version is being optimised for PC. Unlike COD that is optimised for consoles. I'm a fan of both CoD and BF and am often torn between console or PC (usually depends on what my mates are playing) but BF3 I am 100% getting the PC version. It will be superior in every way. Also, I imagine the console version will not support 64 players unless EA setup some crazy servers everywhere. I'm guessing Xbox will be limited to 24 players.

        If i had a Gaming PC I would probably still get the console version because all of the people I know are getting it on the console.

          ep, I've got like seven friends on LIVE that will all get the xbox version when it comes out. Add to that my PC would take one look at the requirements and run away screaming!

    I see some pretty blatant LOD popping, I hope that's just a bug.

    PC has 64 player multiplayer apparently, will xbox and ps3 get the same?

      Not a chance. I do believe that DICE and EA have already stated that there is a 24-player limit on consoles for two reasons: hardware limitations, and bandwidth limitations imposed by Microsoft and Sony.

      Last i heard i think it was limited to 24 people on the consoles (smaller maps)

      I believe it was confirmed a while ago that consoles will not get 64 player online. I don't have a source for you, though.

    At 1:37, the wounded teammate's gun is floating of the ground. They obviously haven't ironed everything out.


        That was actually there in one of the initial 3 trailers... People mentioned it in the comments - so i'm surprised they still haven't sorted that one out! I hope i don't see that in my shipped copy....

    LoL @ all the people picking apart the pre-alpha footage :)

      Would you rather have people picking out the pre-alpha footage? or no one really saying anything, and having a game with bugs missed by testers? It happens, and it's better to be safe than sorry.

      If that was you paying good money for a car service, you'd pick on small shit too.

      I am impressed it looks that good on PS3.

    Just look at those textures.
    Just LOOK AT IT.

    God, I sometimes wish I didn't get into the whole graphics thing, now I'm always noticing these things :|

    Ignorance is bliss, I guess.

    can someone build me a time machine so I can go straight to October?

      Yes, I will build a time machine for you. It will be ready in 128 days.

      Can you drop me off in November on the way?

    I would just like to note that the guns shoot way more realistically in BF3! Notice that the muzzle flash is every so often? and not all the time? That's how its supposed to look!

    I love how people believe graphics are everything.
    Graphics don't make a game, gameplay makes a game.

    Lol - people are getting there panties in a knot over this? Yet they defend a games graphics that looked as terrible as Oblivion.

    PC gamers are so sensitive. They INSIST a game is better on the PC than console. Okay fair enough you're entitled to your opinion and you prefer that machine to a console and controller. But millions (and probably more) people will buy this on the console and don't have a problem.

    The graphics are sweet on console - with MUCH more money being spent, yes you will get a better looking game close up. But to the normal gamer who is putting their attention to one TV screen or monitor at a time, the difference isn't going to be existent.

    At the end of the day, its Battlefield - another entry in a series that is fast becoming the new Call of Duty with a new entry every year. And another entry in the saturated market of FPS, which aren't that innovative these days, something PC gamers claim themselves. Now it's time to just wait for the next FPS series that PC gamers defend after they abandon Battlefield as they did COD.

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