The Badass Scoped Crossbow You Get In Today's Battlefield 3's Expansion

Battlefield 3: Aftermath releases today. If you're a premium member... playing on Playstation 3. Xbox 360 and PC premium members get the DLC on December 4, followed by a December 11 on PS3 and December 18 on Xbox 360 and PC for the standard release.

But what's in it? The video up top will show you everything the expansion has to offer, including new maps, a new Scavenger mode, new vehicles, and a crossbow. That you can equip a scope onto. And shoot things with. This pleases me.

Who is still playing Battlefield 3? Raise your hand. With all the shooters releasing lately I have trouble scrambling back and forth between them.


    crossbow may be enough to get me to go back and play....

    I play it once every blue moon, as much as I love it I always forget my Origin password and then I have to download a patch, usually at the end of the month so we have capped ourselves

    *Edit to add in this bad joke* Took a download to the knee as it were

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    As of today's news I'm officially psyched up for Dec 4th. Pity I'm in workshops for a week and a hlaf from the 3rd so no play for me.

    Had a similar issue with Armored Kill and didn't get to play it for a whole month after it came out.

    Yet somehow managed to play CQ to my hearts content when it came out - that was all of about 3 hours BTW.

      Well that's about 2 hours longer than it held my interest for, so consider yourself one of the lucky ones :P

    Havent played BF3 for about two months, but Ive got premium so Ill still download this and try it I guess.
    For some reason Ive been going hard on Left 4 Dead 2. Love it! And yes, the full uncensored version.

      Good call, L4D2 is always my fall back game - many others have come and gone but sooner or later its back to Dead center

    Nice, I think this might get me to buy the premium version of BF3 on my xbox, or buy the DLC by itself on my PS3. I got BF3 on my PS3 but didn't get the premium pass because it is a total rip-off (I shouldn't really be surprised because it's EA). The BF3 premium edition is a great bargain, but most gamer would have got the game already and buy the premium pass by the the BF3 premium edition came out.
    Haven't played BF3 for months, this might really get me back into it.

    The previous DLCs don't impress me, but this one looks quite good. Haven't play BF3 for months, maybe this will get me back it

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