EB – ‘We’re Not Accepting Trade-Ins For Resident Evil: The Mercenaries. No-one Is’

EB – ‘We’re Not Accepting Trade-Ins For Resident Evil: The Mercenaries. No-one Is’

EB – ‘We’re Not Accepting Trade-Ins For Resident Evil: The Mercenaries. No-one Is’In case you haven’t heard, Resident Evil: The Mercenaries will only have one save file – a save file that cannot be deleted. Capcom has completely denied that this is an attempt to halt pre-owned sales of the game – but if that was the intention, then it has worked, in Australia at least. Because EB games will not be accepting trades of the game, and it’s likely that other retailers will follow that decision.

“We’re not accepting trade-ins for Resident Evil: The Mercenaries,” said an EB store clerk when we called to confirm. “No-one is.”

It makes sense to the point of being almost obvious. The resell value of a game with no ability to start again from scratch is virtually nil.

What are your thoughts on the whole situation?


  • That I’ll buy this game eventually but it will be when the price has gone down and most likely from overseas.

    • More like a book that highlights all the words as you read them.
      You find ouyt which words you skippeed over, but it becomes harder to read over time because you’re contantly reminded of how many tims you’ve played it before.

      • And all the pages have been soaked in lemon juice so when you cut you get a paper cut your like: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH MY GOD THAT HURTS!

      • Well, the sales staff at eb will have to warn peopl before they purchase it like games with DLC and PC games that have cdkeys. We will simply have to say at purchase “This game cannot be returned due to the way it saves onto the cartridge”

        and of course get abused when someone DOES try to return it.

        With the 7day guarantee though, id have to ask my manager but im certain it would just get sent back to Head office like a “CDKEY in use”

        • All of our 7 day policies, no matter where it is, states that the product will only be accepted if it is returned in the same state, or in a saleable condition. Because it has a one off save file, once you start playing the game, it’s no longer resellable.

          Here’s to hoping everyone who buys it actually enjoys it.

  • Well.

    That throws the cat among the pigeons.

    I don’t think consumers (or retailers, obviously) are gong to particularly like it.

    Consumers can’t trade in their game *or* purchase cheaper pre-owned copies down the line.

    It’s a huge own goal if they annoy retailers to the extent that they won’t stock their games, or withdraw them from sale (although in EB’s case that could be the street date break, I think?).

  • What other justification is there for including the 1 un-deletable save game functionality if not for locking it down to one machine/account only?

  • Capcom denies that this was a move to prevent used game sales and trade-ins?

    “We’re not accepting trade-ins for Resident Evil: The Mercenaries,” said an EB store clerk when we called to confirm. “No-one is.”

    Sounds to me like their mission was accomplished.

  • Don’t own a 3DS yet, but picking one up soonish for when MGS3 comes out. This game was on my list as a potential buy. “Was” being the operative word.

  • While I don’t disagree, it’s a bit of a knee-jerk reaction. People don’t seem to understand what sort of game this is. It has no campaign. There’s no ‘New Game+’ or anything, because there’s no real ‘New Game’. It’s endless wave after wave, with you trying to kill as many enemies within a set time limit as possible. I’m not sure that you’re really missing out on much by not being able to reset it back to its initial state. Though it is a bit of a dick move regardless. Effectively not having the ability to reset is the same as having a high scores board in an old arcade game which is pre-populated with other peoples’ scores.

    What really sucks though is that what this will mean is that pirates get the best of everything. Want to start over? Just go back to an original pirated image, or zero out the save data manually. 🙁

    • It’s not a bad problem with this particular game in terms of gameplay, it’s a problem because it establishes a precedent.

      Capcom are just testing the waters with this idea to see what consumers will realistically put up with. If they get away with it, you’ll see it again and again, in increasingly more intrusive ways.

      • I think it was either George Washington or Thomas Jefferson who said (to paraphrase), “the amount of tyranny you live under is the exact amount you decide to put up with.”

        It’s a good saying in other area’s too.

        • It’s an excellent point Kyle. If we as customers don’t like something, we shouldn’t pay for it, and then the company is forced to change it’s practices. As you quoted, they’ll do only what we put up with.

      • imagine playing megaman or monster hunter and not being able to restart or maybe if they made a RPG and once you entered the characters name – it was final and could never be changed

    • I think a lot of the game content is unlocked through progression and achievements. So there is a fair bit to miss out on if you have to start with a completed game.

    • Just FYI the 3DS has not been cracked yet, and judging by how long it took the DSI to be cracked, it wont be for a long time, so pirates aren’t really getting the best of anything right now

      • For this game alone, yes you are right I am invalidated.

        However, I was speaking of the secondhand market in general – so I admit I should have been more specific. Sorry about that.

        • I agree totally with you mate. But I was just pointing out that this one did work. My comments were about if all devs did this from now on which they may it will have an impact.

          • It may be a measure to combat the second-hand market, and this strategy may successfully exclude RE: The Mercenaries from entering the second-hand market. But, in order to be considered successfully, Capcom would probably want people to buy the game in question.

            So it is definitely time to grab some snacks, sit back, and watch how the buying public reacts.

          • It’s unlikely anyone else will take this approach. Considering the negative response from everyone it’ll probably never be seen again unless the dev/publisher is really stupid.

  • It’s an incredibly clever strategy that may or may not pay off. Although I would hope that EB do notify people buying the game that it cannot be traded in, there is no requirement on them to do so. Just as there is no requirement for Capcom program a game the way consumers want. As a consumer, I dont particularly like the decision. As a capitalist, it will be interesting to see the impact to the marketplace.

  • It’s time to play Jeopardy!!

    I’ll take Nintendo for $200 Alex

    “because stupid shit like this happens”

    “what is the reason every other company gave up on cartridge games”

    • Sure, and switched to digital delivery where you they can restrict you to a single console and only playing when connected to the Internet.

      In short, the use of cartridges is irrelevant here. Cartridges are awesome, particularly for their load times and durability. So much so that the PS Vita is going with solid-state media.

      This issue is just Capcom finding a new way to be a bunch of dicks, plain and simple.

      • even for games in disc, producer can still limit used copy by looking at the cd-key. capcom just went too far this time

  • I love the conviction of EB clerks regarding other retailers.

    Here’s some other things they have told me in the past:

    – “The Prestige Edition of Modern Warfare 2 is sold out across Australia. You won’t be able to find it anywhere.” (Found it for order at 3 other Aus retailers)

    – “You will need this disc insurance. $7.95 please. No other place will give you this insurance.” (When purchasing Metal Gear Solid 3)

    – “Nobody else is selling this Batarang” (Picked up Arkham Asylum Collector’s Edition with batarang from JB later that day).

    • I get different deals from EB depending on which person is working.

      The manager won’t give me a pre-order bonus for a game if he price-matches it with JB. (even though I have pre-ordered the game). Another clerk has no problem giving me the pre-order bonus… as if I’m going to pay an extra $20-$30 for some DLC skins or different weapon or something.

    • Not really.

      Two key factors show that Capcom shot themselves not only in the foot with this game but in the stomach;

      1. Slow sales on anything 3DS means that consumers are taking more time to consider purchases giving this information about the game time to spread far and wide and the response thus far has been massively negative.

      2. This game was not a “must have” title so sales were already going to be restricted to big RE fans and then some.

  • Everyone put your hand up if you can see something like this coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360…

    I wouldnt be surprised that the next generation consoles will have the ability to save game data to the actual disc and will make them impossible to trade and resell, that and they will have DRM, online activation ect…

    • It makes sense to the point of being almost obvious. The resell value of a game with no ability to start again from scratch is virtually nil.

      Pretty pathetic if you ask me, i won’t be buying this until it hit’s the bargin bin.

  • This game is ALREADY a cash grab – it’s just a bloated mini-game? So stuff it up your socking Capcom

  • So EB are being shot down as a whole because one unamed store clerk has said so. Is that the official line from EB or just the opinion of some pimply fat kid with not prospects who is working a dead end retail job.

  • Knowing Capcom they’ll release ‘Resident Evil Mercenaries 3D Save Deletion Edition’ in 6 months time and it will be incompatible with the original.

  • All this boycott talk is making me feel guilty about wanting this game now 😛 It’s the one launch title I’ve been looking forward to since the start.

  • Wow that’s amazing. It works so well I won’t ever buy a capcom game! I don’t even resell my old games anyway, but practices like this annoy me, and companies that annoy me don’t get my money.

  • This (EB’s decision) wont last a second against the ACCC.

    How the hell it got past Nintendo’s TRC’s I have no idea, since the game is supposed to be recoverable if the save data is corrup– HANG ON!

    What if you turn power off while saving?

    • What do the ACCC have to do with anything? The product is not really fit for resale so they’re not under obligation to buy it from you. Ultimately the same reason they don’t buy PC games back.

  • First there is Nazi-like DRM ON CONSOLES that requires you to connect to the internet even though you wanna play singleplayer, and now this… They’ve really outdone themselves now.

    Wellp, I’m never buying a Crapcom game.

  • Well i for one think that this is well overdue secondhand games are a rip off the last time i went to game they had a sale on and red dead for ps3 trade in copys were the same price as a new copy….. What ever happen to cheap second hand games

  • I personally see no problem with this, as a pc gamer I’ve been used to it for years. You get pay the money for 1 cd key, and hopefully if you get enough hours to justify the price no problem. No one worries about paying $30 for a new release blu-ray and 1 1/2 hour enjoyment, $80 for a typical game and 10 hours average enjoyment it’s a bargain. That you still have a hard copy which MAY be traded or ebay’d is just a bonus

  • Its obvious why they’re doing it. I reckon its an experiment, to see how people react. This will hurt sales, not only because of disgruntled games, but because a lot of people finance their new purchases by selling their old.

  • It’s worse than refusing trade-ins. My EB has been told by the higher-ups that they’re recalling every copy of the game and will not be selling it to anyone other than those who had a pre-order. Glad I pre-ordered 😛

  • You shouldn’t call stores in future to verify information coming through from EB head office. Contact their head office through their website or their customer service line. Just to clarify tho: EB have recalled the game and will be returning to the publisher because it doesn’t fit with the return policy. Customers who have already purchased the game-prior to today-will be given a refund or exchange should they want one.

  • so wait, can you go back and replay previous levels or once you finish it is that it? ‘Caus it cant seriously be that you can only play through the game once?

  • Someone should really try to make the save data corrupt, maybe that way the game can be taken back to the original state.

  • Capcom have actually surprisingly drawn the Line in the sand with “Resident Evil: The Mercinaries”, shipping the game delibratly without the ability to delete saved files. Thus effectivly killing any potential to resell the game(although this isn’t good for private resellers, I agree with their move). This is obviously a protest against EB refusing to send the retail profits of their lucrative secondhand games to publishers, which in turn obviously can’t in turn send the extra profits to their Devs who are in fact very unhappy about EB’s system.

    EB have obviously boycotted the game in return and, knowing it was a move directed personally towards them, are bitching the most about it.

    Fuck EB, they are killing the game industry from the inside. They stupid little retail “monopoly” is coming to an end and they are scared. EB is the new Atari… they rode the wave of sucess and even made it happen in the late ninties…. Now things have moved on from their business model in favor of digital distribution with more profits for publishers and EB are starting to act like the scared bullies they are.

    Nintendo never forgets stuffing around like this. Being hot off their own two controversies with EB, the fact that EB is primarily responsible for the Wii shovelware because they refused to stock more adult games, and the whole Zelda release date open rebellion by EB against it’s publisher, Nintendo obviously are on Capcom’s side of the debate.

    I hope Big W, Myer, JB and other retail outlets using the “old” model sell craploads of copies of this game! Thanks EB, hopefully you just sent a wad of revenue to importers, Department stores and other less idiotic specialist game shops.

    Official Nintendo Magazine should promote the game heavily and tell people where they can and can’t get a copy!

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