Used Copies Of Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Will Be Forever Haunted By The Last Owner

Used Copies of Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D might not be worth your money because Capcom made it impossible to for anyone to erase game save date from the game card.

Capcom included a note in Resident Evil's game manual that reads: "Saved data on this software cannot be reset." Translation: Everything is permanent.

What isn't clear, is why they removed the ability to erase saves. We contacted Capcom for comment and will update this story when they respond.

Nintendo 3DS games save directly to the cartridge, so by picking up a used copy of Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D you're getting a copy with someone else's game save already written to it. That means that everything may already be unlocked within the game when you pick it up, leaving you without much to do except beat the previous owner's high scores.

Capcom fans have had problems with how Capcom handles their save files in the past as well. Playstation 3 versions of Street Fighter IV and Resident Evil 5 as well as other games have save files that lock to the console instead of the PSN ID, leaving users with a broken console or looking to upgrade without their precious progress.


    Only an issue if I were to buy a second hand copy which isn't going to happen. Carry on.

      No, you're wrong. If you want to have another go at the game (start again fresh), you can't. If someone else in your household wants to play, they can't (unless they play your saved game). This is an unbelievable slap in the face to anyone who would actually buy the game to play it and support Crapcom. This game isn't even worth $5, what a POS.

    This sucks, it's obvious to everyone what they're try to do to the used industry, but once digital is the industry standard I guess it wont matter.

    I have never understood why I am unable to backup ALL save games on my PS3. It is just common sense, especially considering I am on my fourth console after various malfunctions.

    there must be a way to do a factory reset, someone will find it out eventually

    Capcom have really turned into a greedy bunch recently. Or maybe they were always this way and it was just harder to see it.

    Can you overwrite the previous save?

    The Capcom solution to deleting save data: Take copy of game, smash with hammer, buy new copy.

    I wonder if you could pull the cart out while it's saving (and telling you not to do so :P) and the data corruption will make it 'erase' for you.

    A very interesting way to combat the used game market... sneaky and underhanded, and lost respect, but interesting nonetheless.

    Means I can't even lend the game to a mate....lame. Douche move Capcom.

    The console makers must have best practices for save game locations, they also have to certify every game that gets released to ensure it's up to a standard quality, so in this case I'd suggest that Nintendo is just as culpable as Capcom.

    what happens if the game doesn't save properly, and the save is corrupted? Is the game cartridge now rendered useless?

    It's cool, I got this.

    *waves electro-magnet over cartridge*

      You realise that flash is not a magnetic storage medium, right?

    im kinda getting sick of Crapcoms Shit. yes, I know its a business for them blah blah blah but I dont care anymore....kiss my arse Capcom, I wont be buying any of your games for a long time....
    (btw, I wasnt going to buy this game anyway, but I still think it is a shitty idea)

    If only Capcom found a way to do this with their fighters. I would LOVE never having to suffer through a story mode to unlock characters!

    Looks like since capcom are on some kind of personal mission to beat pirates and traders, but don't want the ire of the crowd (referring to the latest SFIV PC debacle) it seems they've got a board with "Ways to do protect our games) written on it and are just throwing things at it until it sticks.

    Especially hilarious since their games are usually good and DO sell well.

    Ouch. Guess I won't be buying this un used (or new, even though I was interested).

    Nintendo really seems to be doing it's best to alienate and just generally f*** with those of us who went out and bought a 3DS.

    Region locking and crap like this (whether it's from Capcom or no, I assume Nintendo allowed it to happen) it's really not positive reinforcement for my decision to buy one.

    Pull your head out, Nintendo.

      "Region locking and crap like this (whether it’s from Capcom or no, I assume Nintendo allowed it to happen) it’s really not positive reinforcement for my decision to buy one."

      Cool, so we're up to assumptions and the blame game now?

      How about you do some research to find out exactly what level of this Nintendo actually condoned before you go on a huge rant. Of the 3DS games, only this, a third party product has this limitation.

      And also learn about your Region Locking. Most of my 3DS library is imported and work perfectly fine. We've yet to see Nintendo reinforce it in a big way.

        "Most of my 3DS library is imported and work perfectly fine. We’ve yet to see Nintendo reinforce it in a big way."

        Well if you are correct then you have just shown that the 3DS is not region locked at all. A region locked console, of which nintendo has referred to it being, would be like a region locked DVD player, only playing content from a specified region or with no region attached.

        The consoles that we know as unlocked all have the capability by the publishers to support locked versions of their games, but hardly anybody bothers with this, yet they are considered 'region free.'

        This is confusing... is the 3DS region locked or not? Or is the select few games you have imported supplied with no region locking information?

          This is an assumption, but considering both Australia and the UK are PAL if it was games imported from europe it probably would still work on a region locked 3DS.

          If you are playing both PAL and NTSC then I tip my cap to you sir.

    If you play on an R4 card (not suggesting that you do, but if) it would be as simple as deleting the save file.

    So book publishers still seem to make money after the advent of libraries/ second hand book stores, same again with film producers.

    Why do game developers continue to cry poor?

    (insert mad rant here)Nope,i lied.I like this game ALOT more then i thought i would.Only prob is stupid saves.Ive done EVERYTHING.I would love to restart ;(

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