As part of GAME's attempt to help kickstart Aussie specialist games retail, it has launched GAME TV - a regular webcast starring Phil and Ed, two gamers who apparently live in Ed's mum's basement. Thoughts?


    Dude living in his mum's basement, they thought real hard about the image of gamers they were trying to set with this show didn't they?


    that was awful acting, almost comparable to how bad good game is...
    take some inspiration from level3, at least that isnt over dramatised and gives u a close to real opinion.

    This right now is all kinds of terrible. I'll be gracious and give it a few weeks to develop and find its feet.

    Looks like a lame version of Wayne's World... and an even worse version of that crap thing on One/Eleven/Ten where ever it was.

      Wayne's World! Wayne's World! Party time! Excellent!

      Only thing that could interest me about this project is if some smarmy executive attempts to use their program to shill a local arcade.

      Party on Garth

    The only thing worse then this would be if EB Games made one, although it would most certainly have an equally irritating young girl in it.

    Super wooden with a gay panic joke to kick it all off, no thanks. How does this "kickstart" Aussie specialist games retail?

    Gay joke in the first thirty seconds.


      Completely agree. Nothing puts one off like a lame gay joke to kick off the proceedings... *sigh*

    "live in Ed’s mum’s basement"

    Yay for stereotypes!

    GAME TV? More like LAME TV

    This may be "fanboy" of some sorts, but I hate EB and GAME, I only shop at Gametraders, I think this is just stupid

      Ewww gametraders, they rip you off by selling imported games disguised with Aus OFLC stickers.

      Last week, I found out there were such a thing as telephone carrier fanboys, now I find out there's such a thing as retailer fanboys? Good lord.

    So forced :( therefore, lame.

    Viva le weird manchild nerd stereotype?

    Party on Wayne

    This GAME TV thing can take off IF:

    -Its a REGULAR webcast (bi-weekly would be good considering how fast the industry moves)

    -Reviews are UN-BIASED and you guys aren't paid to hand out 10/10 scores to games that don't deserve it (we don't need another IGN, one is enough)

    -It doesn't come across as a blatant marketing ploy - Saying "Shop at GAME" every 5 secs won't make this successful.

    Do this and GAME TV will be a success.

    Who the hell has basements in Australia?


      and another thing ...
      ... don't step over the food!
      Step AROUND the food! *god!*

        The positioning of the couch also gives the impression that these 2 only play Wii games...

        Well that, and the obvious collection of white cases behind them.

      Exactly what I was going to ask. If they want to go with the cliches they could have at least bothered to localise it for Australia. Maybe they could live in his mum's shed instead.

      Exactly! That's already an instant difference between the Australian gaming audience.

    Not happy Jan.

    things do pick up slightly. the second episode is better than this one.

      not by much having quibbles over 2 games with rather pedantic point's.

      Can your game do this?

      No. Can yours do this?

    Saw an ad for it on TV, as soon as they mentioned 'living in mother's basement' any lingering interest I may have had instantly disappeared.

    It's not 1992 anymore, the cliche doesn't apply!

    This honestly offends me

    That was awful.

    Unfunny, forced, blatant advertising.

    And what was the point of the GAME/gay thing?

    It's this kinda s#$# that is the reason all the stupid stereotypes exist.

    Reminds me of another show I watch on youtube but nowhere near as good

    Plus Action News aren't so fake are more natural! For shame Game :(

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