As part of GAME’s attempt to help kickstart Aussie specialist games retail, it has launched GAME TV – a regular webcast starring Phil and Ed, two gamers who apparently live in Ed’s mum’s basement. Thoughts?


  • Dude living in his mum’s basement, they thought real hard about the image of gamers they were trying to set with this show didn’t they?

  • that was awful acting, almost comparable to how bad good game is…
    take some inspiration from level3, at least that isnt over dramatised and gives u a close to real opinion.

  • Looks like a lame version of Wayne’s World… and an even worse version of that crap thing on One/Eleven/Ten where ever it was.

    • Wayne’s World! Wayne’s World! Party time! Excellent!

      Only thing that could interest me about this project is if some smarmy executive attempts to use their program to shill a local arcade.

      Party on Garth

  • The only thing worse then this would be if EB Games made one, although it would most certainly have an equally irritating young girl in it.

  • Super wooden with a gay panic joke to kick it all off, no thanks. How does this “kickstart” Aussie specialist games retail?

  • This may be “fanboy” of some sorts, but I hate EB and GAME, I only shop at Gametraders, I think this is just stupid

    • Last week, I found out there were such a thing as telephone carrier fanboys, now I find out there’s such a thing as retailer fanboys? Good lord.

  • This GAME TV thing can take off IF:

    -Its a REGULAR webcast (bi-weekly would be good considering how fast the industry moves)

    -Reviews are UN-BIASED and you guys aren’t paid to hand out 10/10 scores to games that don’t deserve it (we don’t need another IGN, one is enough)

    -It doesn’t come across as a blatant marketing ploy – Saying “Shop at GAME” every 5 secs won’t make this successful.

    Do this and GAME TV will be a success.

    • not by much having quibbles over 2 games with rather pedantic point’s.

      Can your game do this?

      No. Can yours do this?

  • Saw an ad for it on TV, as soon as they mentioned ‘living in mother’s basement’ any lingering interest I may have had instantly disappeared.

    It’s not 1992 anymore, the cliche doesn’t apply!

  • It’s bad enough GAME already caters to non-gamers buying things for gamers, instead of actual gamers, but now it’s just being insulting.

    I prefer EBgames over gametraders, but gametraders is always worth a look. Solid shops both times, though the local GT seems to be more gaming culture than actual games these days(not a bad thing, just quietly). I’ve been in GAME once, just long enough to ask if there was any new RTS, and have the clerk try and sell me simcity 3000 – in 2008.

    Worst part was when she, the “clearly never played a game and chosen only for her breasts because all gamers are guys who drool over girls” type, tried to tell me I should play it before I try and tell people it’s not an RTS. I own it, found it boring as hell. It’s not an RTS. It’s also not futuristic, selling better than pokemon, possessing of amazing graphics and, my personal favourite, doesn’t teach me how to run a buissness empire.

    This filmed.. thing.. is just another reason in the long list of why I avoid the shop. EB might have clearly over hyped previews voiced by a very annoying commentator, but I’ll be damned if I can think of one time I haven’t been servered by someone who a) didn’t look down at me and b) didn’t know wtf they were talking about. They also mail be things in boxes marked “WARNING: Contains awesome.”.

    Please tell me GAME aren’t trying to be australia’s “voice” for gamers. Please. Oh god, please.

    • I went to game once.
      I had just been to gametraders looking for a third party N64 controller. So I asked the attendant if they stocked them… His response:
      “[Condescending laughter] Nah man, we try to stay as ‘modern’ as possible here we don’t stock that shit”
      So as I was walking out I grabbed Diablo from the PC bargain bin and threw it at him.
      I really hope he didn’t miss what I did there.

      • $10 bucks you didn’t actually do any of that, $10 more bucks you just walked out quietly after asking for a WoW timecard and being told they were sold out.

  • Ok, I just watched the second episode, and its god-awful. The script-writers should be fired. They’re trying way too hard to be funny and just end up acting like children.

    Seriously? We’re trying to push for an R18+ rating and a marketing ploy by a games shop depicts us as either immature kids or nerds living in our parents’ basements and ogling Lara Croft?

    Also, a “gamer” whose favourite game is Black Ops….Please.

  • Oh but of course a gamer who is allergic to the slightest thing how clever!!!
    For a company that claims to be for “true” gamers, this completely misses the mark and kind of comes off as insulting.

  • I actually think it could be decent enough after a few episodes, but it really could have done without the “Mum’s Basement” angle. 😛

  • Y’know Game a better, and much less offensive, way to “kickstart Aussie specialist games retail” would be competitive pricing.

  • LOL “Specialist Games Retail”. They’re not specialist at all, they’re just another chain owned by EBgames in an effort to make it look like they aren’t monopolizing.

    I’ll keep paying half price for games nobody else has over at Dungeon Crawl, thanks.

  • Well to me it’s not as bad as you guys make it. They seem like cool guys, but with a bad script. I think they can lose the script, change or lose the humor and become a bit more serious and it might have a chance to appeal.

  • Retailer uses a terrible and offensive stereotype to attempt to appeal to potential customers.
    They don’t need to worry about internet site driving low sales… they drive the customers away themselves…

  • I’d say the only gaming show I truly like is Level3 on Channel 31, none of you have probz heard of it, but it’s quite good

  • I’ve just watched it and found it quite amusing. Good on a retailer to try something different, rather than just put a “sale” on or try and sell me something I don’t want!

  • I was asked to audition for this but my agent thought it was a waste of time so I didn’t bother. She was so very right.

  • Sorry but… since when did Australians even have basements to begin with? We’re not Americans damn it!

  • Level 3 is freaking atrocious and boring as hell, but then this isn’t much better in a whole different way

  • I like GAME tv and think most of these comments on here are brutally harsh! Phil and Ed seem likeable, but are defo not hardcore gamers…. But still, I liked what I saw, albeit lacking in gaming content.

    Black ops is the biggest selling game of all time! Someone / lots of people must like it!

    The good thing about GAME tv is that they are allowing you to get involved on their FB page….. Asking what we want to see! Morde Garret on that sofa please!!

  • If I hadn’t read the synopsis in the above article I would have no idea what the purpose of game tv was except for pointless marketing that misses it’s target audience. I am not at all inspired to watch any future episodes to see if it gets better. It is a waste of my time and bandwidth

  • A lot of people here are missing the point of these infomercials. Game probably thought they would be on a winner by splicing Wayne’s World with Good Game, and everyone from hardcore gamers to the “Kinect Just Prance 3D Experience” crowd would totally dig the zany banter and sprinkling of non offensive game talk.

    This campaign really seems to be aimed at a broad-as-possible audience, therefore the references to a very vague “Street Fighter” (can be interpreted as the one you loved as a child or the latest Super SF) and “Black Ops” (aimed at the dumb-as-bricks ‘gamers’ of today who think COD is the be all and end all of gaming) This would also explain the use of Fifa 10 on the screen. (Biggest 2 selling titles by far of 2010) Some muppet identifies with what is being presented, stays tuned in, watches ad at end of clip, goes to Game the next day. (In the minds of head honchos)

    It was more than likely written in-house by Game’s ‘marketing’ team, or the dunces who are responsible for any of the previous ads at Game. (I would be shocked and appalled if these were all made by a real marketing company)

    Its a shame the folk at Game would have assumed these clips would go viral, or be linked to friends on social networking sites. Maybe if it was 1998, but the outdated and uninteresting stereotypes and lack of any original ‘jokes’ or reference to specific, relevant games means they will more than likely abandon the series before too long, once they realize the sales in store aren’t improving.

    But good luck with those Malibu Stacey new hats Game calls “IDUs” – pretty sure EB and JB have multiple places to play the latest warez. Just because they’re adding a trendy looking (soon to be grubby and torn up) lounge chair doesn’t mean they’re changing the face of gaming retail.

    If only Game REALLY shook things up with $59.99 new releases, ala USA prices. Even for a month. If they’re gonna go into administration (eventually, they will) you may as well try to generate traffic and sales now, get customers to purchase other impulse items along with their amazingly cheap new release, rather than sell at a bigger loss when you’re closing up shop for good.

    • How much do you think Australian retailers pay for a new release game from an australian publisher?

      I can tell you. On average, it’s $75 (25% margin from SRP)

      So tell me how any retailer can afford to go out at $59?

      I want cheaper games myself, as it’s very expensive for me to buy all the latest games – but let’s get our facts correct first, before blaming all retailers for high prices

      • I wasn’t saying anything about the local publisher’s pricing. However, working in retail you would already know a publisher’s invoice is just a formality. There are numerous kickbacks and discounts done behind closed doors, particularly if you’re talking about the biggies in Aus… Names withheld to protect the small fries from crying foul.

        I’m just saying Game could take a risk and lose $10-$20 on ‘cost’ just to try and get some genuine interest from the punters instead of wasting $$ on a failing web series.

        Customers vote with their wallet not their forum opinions. Game could turn it around with cheap new releases and maybe more emphasis/awareness on rewards card.

  • I work for game… i have to see these guys every day when there adds come on our TV… i hate these douche bags with a searing passion. i tired to tell people it wouldnt work… but no one listens… serious wtf is wrong with this comapany… im sorry guys dont hate me… hate phil and ed…douche bags

  • Would never, ever shop at Game as I know someone who was fired from there becasue they asked for a day off after their house had been robbed. Game = gigantic jerks.

    • Yeah right….. As if that really happened! He would have taken Game to court and won easily.

      No employer can just fire you for wanting a day off work.

      Why do people make these kind of stories up?

      • It actually did mate. The catch was the person had been working there for less than three months so they didn’t have to have a legit reason. They went to Fair Work and they said whilst it was morally wrong as they were on probation they could get away with it, if they were past probation period they could have taken it further. The Area Manager for Newcastle is a giant douche. True story.

  • I think people maybe missing the point with Game tv….

    From their press release, it’s designed to give the brand some traction in Australia, as only 1 in 6 gamers know who Game are….. Some people think they are EB games. An earlier post on here confirms this (someone thought they were one and the same company)

    Brand is about character and personality….. And Game tv is designed to do this apparently.

    It’s not a good game, or any other type of gaming show.

    It will be interesting to see where this goes

    • I remember when I first laid eyes on a ‘Game’ store back in the day (years ago at Knox in Melb)

      I thought ‘pfft, nice name’. No creativity. Went in, was amazed at how minimalist and clean the store was, but nothing worth buying.

      Majority of gamers are interested in one thing – attractive price. When you see multiple things over $100, you lose interest

  • I bet most of the people in this comment section who dislike the gay jokes are the same people that got a good laugh from the 10+ minute gay segment with Bajo and Andrew on Good Game the other week.

  • i love your shows think there great and this really inspires children to get the new game consols and many of the great games. i love you phil want to be bum buddys for life just send me a message back and maybe i can be your new star
    ps. do you get all new games free and have you get modern warfare 3 yet.

    pps. are going to the great party on monday night at game at kawana?

    ppps. your shows are great.

    pppps. whats your xbox live gamertags because we can party up on black ops or mw3 and spawn trap the noobs

    ppppps. msg me back please. please. please. please. please. please.

    pppppps at me on xbox my names Auddioz.

    yours sincerely BoB

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