Get A Good Look At Converse's Beautiful Super Mario Bros. Sneakers

You may have seen Converse's Super Mario Bros. 25th anniversary Chuck Taylors before (or maybe just its gorgeously designed shoebox), but here's a better, more detailed look at the Nintendo licensed sneakers we're currently drooling over.

It's the little things that make these Mario shoes stand out: the Super Mario Bros. logo on the tongue; the hidden scenes from the NES classic on the inner panels; the Starman on the All Star heel logo. And yes, the box is pretty sweet, too.

According to Highsnobiety, the Mario patterned sneakers hit in July, with the all-over print pairs—the World 1-1 pair and the Bowser's Castle pair—landing in August, only in Japan.

(Image credit to Hayabusa via Highsnobiety)


    I want!!!

    These are amazing. I want all of em. Hopefully I can snag a pair in Japan next year.

    When, where, how much, NOW!

    Holy carping carp the Bowser battle ones look badass!

    I need these shoes!! When will they be for sale in USA or online for shipping to USA?!! They're sooo amazing!

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