Is Konami Working On A Contra Reboot?

Nothing concrete was shown during Konami's pre-E3 conference, but the above logo suggests that a reboot of the celebrated franchise is currently in development.

Very little is know about the game at this stage - but 1up are claiming that Konami intends to reboot the series like Konami did with Castlevania: Lords of Shadow last year.

New Contra Game Teased By Konami [1up]


    Whatever it is, I'm in. Here's my money

    Woohoo. I also really recommend Contra4 on the NDS for those who haven't played it. Also has a pretty cool challenge mode and can unlock the original Contra and SuperC games as well.

    Screw Contra 4. Konami, please, whatever this is, GET ARC SYSTEM WORKS TO MAKE IT. Hard Corps: Uprising was freaking AMAZING.

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