Konami Leaks New Silent Hill 2 Project, Based On Classic Horror Game

Konami Leaks New Silent Hill 2 Project, Based On Classic Horror Game

Just hours before its official presentation today, details about some Silent Hill projects were possibly leaked by none other than Konami itself. Way to tell on yourself, huh?

In case you didn’t know, Konami will hold a Silent Hill Transmission livestream around 7:50 a.m. AEDT today on YouTube. The purpose of the broadcast, according to the video’s description, will be to “reveal the latest news for the Silent Hill series.” That’s cool, but this description has seemingly been updated as Twitter user Nibel discovered that a previous version featured details about what might be showcased.

According to the now-deleted information in the livestream’s description, Konami indicated that a Silent Hill 2 will be available on the PlayStation store at some point. While the video’s description might not be much to go off of, a Twitch streamer named SurvivalHorrorNetwork shared an automated Twitch email they got notifying them that a copyright owner — Konami — had monetized a test stream they ran. The copyrighted content named in the alleged email was “Silent Hill 2: Part 1” which may indicate that whatever potential Silent Hill 2 is in the works will be a two-part game.

Further hints emerge from the livestreams’s metadata, which has been posted to the gaming forum ResetEra for thorough inspection. The code namedrops Silent Hill 2, the upcoming movie Return to Silent Hill, and something called “Silent Hill: Ascension.” It seems the livestream will also include interviews and a teaser trailer, as well as possible mentions of PlayStation and Steam. That PlayStation was referenced in the metadata is a big deal to some Era users, as many noted that a Silent Hill 2 remake has long been rumoured to be a timed exclusive for Sony’s consoles.

Kotaku has reached out to Konami for comment.

Finally, a site called WhatIfGaming claims to have heard Silent Hill 2 remake details from an anonymous source, including that it will have an over-the-shoulder camera, “amazing” graphics, the return of series art director Masahiro Ito and beloved composer Akira Yamaoka. The source purports that Bloober Team is developing the new Silent Hill 2, a rumour that has been circulating since at least May 2022 when alleged leaked screenshots began making the rounds. In June 2022, Bloober Team revealed its current project, a Layers of Fear reboot of sorts, that will build upon that franchise’s foundations with “a surprising new story and gameplay direction.”

Well, we’ll see in a few hours just what Konami has in store for Silent Hill fans. But it seems like we might already have a pretty good idea about at least one of its largest “surprises.”

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