Is The 3DS Underperforming?

While the 3DS finally did move a million units in Japan, the Wall Street Journal points out that its sales are far below expectations (the earthquake didn't help). More in the link. [Japan Real Time]


    After seeing what the 3rd parties are bring to 3DS and what the PS Vita is getting... i'm thinking i'm going Vita ASAP

      Don't listen to the haters. I love my 3DS. Now having access to the eStore means I'm finally playing quality games (albeit old ones) while I wait the few days before Ocarina comes out. Nintendo proved at E3 why it's worth having one of these things. I think if you're any sort of real gamer you'll spend the cash on both this and a Vita. Although I love the system, and what it will mean for handheld gaming, the launch lineup for the Vita so far is ridiculously subpar. The only game worth picking up will be Uncharted. Sony have a lot to prove after a lacklustre selection of PSP games (sure there's a good selection now after ages, but for the first few months there wasn't much beyond Ridge Racer or 'shudder' Medievil... 3DS might not have lived up to the standards of the original DS yet, but as a person who has one, I can see real value in it.

        You talk about the idealism of owning both consoles but then you quickly shove aside the PS side of things.

        Talk about d(a)mag(e) control.

    I wounder what the figures would be if the earthquake never happened?

    Hmm lemme see 3DS. DS with a gimmicky 3D slider which most people turn off. I'm sold!


    PS Vita ll the way!

    I lost interest in my old DS very soon after buying it and never had any interest in the PSP. I won't be getting either of em and now consider portable gaming a waste of time and energy. I simply can't immerse myself in a game on a screen that small...

    I wonder what the figures would be if the launch line-up had been better?

    Since it's Nintendo I wouldn't worry. The recent catastrophes in Japan hurt a lot of things, the 3DS launch was one of them but it'll recover.

    Plus their only competition is the Vita and since all of the incarnations of the PSP have been have been poor performers in sales by comparison to Nintendo's sales with EVERYTHING they ever do, there is no issue.

      Nintendo's primary competition is not from Sony, it's from modern smart phones and tablets.

        Handheld market ≠ smartphone apps market

        To even think the two are comparable is laughable.

          The distinction between the two is fairly irrelevant if people don't see a reason to buy a 3DS when they can just play games on their phone. The two are in competition regardless of the differences between them.

            If someone looks at a smartphone and says "that's got all my gaming needs in the one device" then they were NEVER part of a handhelds target audience. That is a person who would never have any interest in real handheld gaming in the first place.

      And the PS2 pounded the GameCube in sales. It's surprising how quick things can turn around, even in the space of a single generation.

    Well I wouldn't know, there isn't really many games or apps to actually see how it preforms.

    I dunno if I'm going to with Vita though. I had a PSP and it was meant to be the newest/coolest thing, but that didn't last long at all. So I'll wait and see how it goes before getting one :)

    It shows that slowly, people aren't being suckered in by Nintendo's gimmick based sales tactics. When you keep releasing hardware based on gimmicks with no decent software to support it, then no one will buy it

    The 3DS launch was really just bad timing. It launched just weeks before the massive earthquake in Japan, at a time when the US was just beginning to recover from a depression, and with barely any launch titles.

    I've got a 3DS and am happy with it. I will also get a PS Vita...that's just the way I roll.

    I'm happy to see all the positivity for the PS Vita, I really want to see it succeed. No repeat of the PSP please! (I'm looking at you Australia/America/Everywhere bar Japan!!)

    Of coarse it's underperforming, there's no bloody games for it.

    Nintendo hurry the hell up and release some real content. The Nintendo Store is an absolute joke right now. $6 for the most basic and crappy Mario game ever releases? I could buy 4 iPhone apps instead of that garbage.

    I've got my 3DS at launch and I've got no problem saying the 3DS as it stands now is a write off. The games may start rolling out sooner or later but that time certainly isn't now and it wont be any time soon either.

    Most of the Nintendo mascot games do not interest me so no Zelda, Starfox or the bazillion games set in the Mario universe for me. Resident Evil at the end of the month but even that title doesn't interest me too much but I need *something* to tide me over.

    Considering EVERYONE nearly has a DS and are still buying them, they probably want to get use out of those, with games that were released years after the initial release before upgrading.

    I think the timing wasn't perfect. And not ALL launches are spectacular like the Wii. The line up was bad, but they just need a few great games, most likely Nintendo games that will have the fan boys on their knees.

    Sales will pick up with a Mario title here. A Dragon Quest title there. A newer 3DS unit here. A pokemon title there. From prev handhelds and console launches, its obvious that the greater games aren't always there on launch and get released a year or two after launch cause they're still working out how to perfect it on the new system. I'm not gonna buy a 3DS, heck I'm one of the few who doesn't have a DS, last handheld was a Gameboy from Nintendo - but I wouldn't write it off as a failure just yet.

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