Kid Gets School Ban On Pokémon Overturned

New York student Lucas Ayala, who goes to Out World Neighbourhood School in Queens, was so sick of a ban on playing with Pokémon cards during breaks that he wrote the school a letter, asking them to reconsider.

Somehow, that actually worked.

The school's assistant principal, moved by Ayala's politely-worded letter, not only replied, he replied awesomely, saying the ban was lifted and that the school's math teachers would even consider using it in class.

The AP, Richard Welles, finishes the letter by saying the card game is also back because it's fun.

What a great school.

Pokemon cards allowed in Queens school thanks to third-grader's persuasive letter to teacher [NY Daily News]


    Never hurts to ask. Kudos to lucas

    "If someone needs a deck I heard you confiscated a lot."

    That's rad!

    That's awesome. I love the last line "If someone needs a deck I heard you confiscated a lot," haha!

    I remember Pokemon cards getting banned at my primary school because people were tricking the smaller kids into trading their good cards for the really common ones. :P

    I love the part were it says "If someone needs a deck I heard you confiscated a lot" lol that is hilarious, and I bet they lifted the ban thanks to the laughter they got from that sentence alone.

    Good work on the arse kissing at the end. That's probably why the teacher folded :P

    Maybe there is hope for the new generation!

    well done kid

    "If someone needs a deck I heard you confiscated a lot."

    Oh snap!

    I've got year 8 students who couldn't write a persuasive letter as well as this youngster. Nice work kid!

    Since PokeMon is being used for maths, why don't Yo=Yos come back for science class?

    Pokemon cards were banned at my school back in the late 90s. Shocking that the things have been banned for a dozen or so years.

    Now just waiting on tamagotchis to make a come-back.

    Where the hell was this kid when I was at school? We sure did need him for Tazo's, Marbles, Pokemon Cards, Crazy Bones, Tamagotchi's (though I can sort of see the reasoning why, now but it still has some educational value in teaching kids responsibilities), etc.

    What I'm more surprised about is how well that kid writes haha.

    Nice work. Not only did he get to play his card game he learnt a valuable life lesson.

    Great article. Good on the little bloke..

    this is really cool. Lucas way to go buddy. I never realized why Pokemon cards were banned. They exaggerate claims like it started fights and stuff. Really? I only played Pokemon with my friends, and win or lose it actually strengthened my bond with them. Heck, even the Gameboy pokemon blue version was banned at my daycare. Good going Lucas, winning one for the little guys.

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