Mass Effect 3's Collector's Edition Wants To Save Your Galaxy

Those wanting to buy Mass Effect 3 and pay more than everyone else, you are to be rewarded for your initiative with retail packaging of a higher order. Novel!

In this case, the Mass Effect 3 N7 Edition includes not just the game (which comes in a rather nice box), but a hardcover art book, comic book, lithograph of the Normandy, an N7 patch (for your jacket/cap/bag), digital soundtrack, a Normandy prop for your 360 avatar (360 version only, of course) as well as a ton of in-game content like clothing, weapons and...a robotic dog.

It'll sell for $US80.


    NEED TO PRE-ORDER NOW! If an Australian retailer wants my money they should let me pre-order NOW.

      I've contacted a couple of them and they're working on getting the pages for pre-order up.

      There isn't going to be a extra special edition unique to one retailer, but they might have unique items etc.

    Or you could just import for half the price...

    Though if you're after the ability to preorder earlier, get a girlfriend who works at EB, simplifies ordering a lot. :)

      I would normally import most first day release games but i simply need ME3 at the first possible moment which means i can put up with Aussie prices (at least for this game).

    For something as big as ME3 this collectors edition is mighty underwhelming. :S

    It's a shame, I was looking forward to what they would have on offer.

    I love the box design (and the cover of the art book with femShep is a nice touch).

    Not so enthusiastic about forum avatars, a fabric patch and the robotic dog, but it could be worse. Slightly puzzled as to why they haven't chosen to go all-out in the last one; plenty of people would be willing to pay more for something amazing.

    Replace "Space" with "Need"

    Amazon is selling it already, with postage comes to exactly $100.

    On the forums at one point they were asking for ideas for making a 'mega' collectors edition too in the $250 range, ala the remote control rc-xd black ops edition.

    suffice to say I will be buying the most expensive crap riddled edition there is..

      Yeah this seems to not be happening any more - a Bioware Dev said they looked into it and for a variety of reasons it didn't happen. Shame - i wanted a model of the Normandy that opened up so you can see all the bits and bobs inside.

      Sorry to say that there won't be an uber edition for ME3. There will only be the normal and collector's edition.

      Check here;

    Take my money

    ++Looks at E3 Old Republic Cinematic++
    ++Looks at Mass Effect 3 Trailers++

    Bioware, shut up and take my money...

    Saying that if this turns out like Dragon Age 2 I'll be pissed.

      I'm fairly sure Blur made those beautiful CG trailers for the old republic. They are masters of CG.

    funny that the yanks pay $80 for the special edition and we will pay $119 for the standard. Seriously WTF is with the price of games in Australia

      It's the way the economy works in Australia. People in Australia in general get paid more than what Americans get paid. So to offset the amount that people earn they balance it out. As such Americans pay less for their stuff because they earn less and Australians pay more because they earn more.

        Also, exchange rates, shipping costs, GST, and retail inflation all reflect that.
        You can bet that it'll be vastly less on Steam because the Internet does not charge for shipping.

        It seems that none of the stores here have the Collector's Edition. Looks like I'll have to go find a friendly American to help me out.

    Pass. ME3 continues to disappoint me, no surprises here *moves along*

      What it disappointed you earlier with the single trailer that was released before E3? I hate saying this since its so overused but Haters Going Hate.

    This game better come out on the 6th in Aus two, because thats my birthday.

    For something like Mass Effect 3 I was expecting something alot grander. Maybe a model of the Normandy or something. The Mass Effect franchise is huge and deserves just as big of a collectors edition as something like Gears of War 3

    My Face When that image confirms samara for squad mate ... if you dont belive me take a look

      unless thats a justicar costume for liara

    Pre-ordered my copy from JB Hi-Fi today! March 8th WHY YOU TAKE SO LONG

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