Shepard Kicks Back With Casual Wear And A Dog In Mass Effect 3 Collector's Edition

There's lots of loot, and lots of it is downloadable content, inside the Mass Effect 3 "N7" collector's edition, detailed in this here trailer that also cautions supplies will be "extremely limited." Of course they will be.

But if you plunk down a preorder for the $US80 special edition, you'll get a ton of in-game extras, including skins for your squad and weapons. Shepard gets a Normandy hoodie and a robot dog when he's aboard the ship. A "classified" extra character and mission will also be available. I suppose we'll hear more about that later.

In terms of physical goods, the game supplies a hard-backed concept art book, a steel case depicting both Shep and Femshep, and a lithographic print of the Normandy.

Mass Effect 3 releases March 6.

[via DualShockers]


    Getting less excited, but I guess I have to get it to sit next to my ME1 and ME2 CEs

    6 months later; "Download the previously exclusive to limited editions holders additional content for 400 MSP" or some such.

    I say meh.

    Didn't we already know like 90% of this? Yes, yes we did.

    I Should Get.

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