Female Shepard Finally Gets Cover Girl Glory In Mass Effect 3

Mr Commander Shepard, star of Mass Effect video game box art, is going to have to share the cover with his female counterpart, Ms Commander Shepard, at least in the collector's edition version of Mass Effect 3, BioWare says.

While the masculine version of Shepard has dominated official screen shots, wallpapers and box art for the first two Mass Effect games - he's also prominently featured on the standard edition Mass Effect 3 box - the feminine Shepard is finally getting some attention from BioWare. "FemShep" will also get her own official trailer, according to BioWare's director of marketing David Silverman.

Silverman says Mass Effect 3's collector's edition art is "One side male, one side female", but it sounds like the official look for female Shepard is still being locked down. Silverman tweets that BioWare "are working on the look now."

Hopefully, given the diversity of Mass Effect players' millions of Shepards, they'll surprise us with something other than the default female version of the commander.


    They should use my FemShep. She's awesome. The default Femsheps have never looked as good as the voice acting deserved.

      No no use mine. Mine's totally cool and awesome and cool and great.

    Had heard this, but good to see it getting some attention.

    While they apparently need to use maleShep for the standard boxart for marketing reasons, it's nice to see both Shepards promoted.

    Waaay too many people assume maleShep is the 'canon' or 'correct' character, or worse, that it's the only option.

      But male Shepard is cannon. I'm pretty sure Casey Hudson has confirmed that in the past.

        There is no canon Shepard. Hudson has never said that - ever developer just confirms that apart from a few story events the character is a blank slate shaped by player choices.

          They've made reference to "The Iconic Shepard" in various interviews, so there is at least a version of Shepard that is considered "most canon". Basically it's just the default male soldier John Shepard that you could pick in ME1.

          Never really understood why Femshep never got the same attention. Must have something to do with the default Male character model being based of an actual person. Default female Shepard just seems to be some generic model that was pumped out of the Unreal engine NPC creator.

    Long live FemShep

    What they should do is have both the male and female Shep as separate boxarts that are sold for the same price. Guild Wars: Factions did this with getting the Assassin or the Spiritualist on the cover which I thought was really neat

    Female main characters rock. Metroid.

      Yeah, Final Fantasy 7 *fap fap fap* ...Cloud is a chick right?

    Everyone seems to like FemShep. I was going to play through the games again so I have a Renegade save to accompany my Paragon save, so I might just do this with FemShep.

      I find the FemShep sounds much more badass than the ManShep so she suits the Renegade option perfectly.
      Having said that, I can never stomach going full Renegade so mine always ends up with both Renegade and Paragon gauges full, acting in a no-nonsense way and judging each situation in the most efficient and logical manner.

        Oh, and you know what I've always thought they should do with the conversation wheel? Mix it up and not have a specific position for each type of response. Make you choose what you really want to say, not what you know for sure will get you the points you want.

          Could be interesting but the problem is that with some of the coversation options in Mass Effect what Shepard actually ends up saying is different to what was written down.

          Also in regards to voices I can't stand male Sheps voice. It just sounds so terrible. FemSheps voice is awesome though. Jennifer Hale FTW!

            I find his voice perfect for my whiny, stick-up-his-butt, holier-than-thou ManShep. :D

            It's odd, because Mark Meer is actually a very accomplished voice actor and theatre performer. It's like he's being deliberately restrained.

            Also yeah, Jennifer Hale does a great job as femShep.

          What I've always wanted is the wheel choice to actually say what I want. Sometimes it feels like the "actual" line used is the opposite of what I intended.

    $10 bucks says she's white.

    I've been using the Jeniffer Garner look for my FemShep since the start.

    What about my Shepard? With his mid-to-late ninties George Clooney hair and pencil thin moustache? When's gonna be his time?

    I'll be honest and say it never occurred to me that using femShep for promotions was an option. Cool idea.

    That's good to know. I wonder what look they're going to settle with.

    My Fem Shep has dark red hair.
    Shes hot!

    My Femshep is a chinese lesbian with short blonde hair with a habbit of smacking people up with her rad Biotics.

    Her name is also Pei.

    Name: Caitlin "Cat" Shepard.

    Origin: Earth born

    History: Sole survivor of a Thresher Maw attack on Akuze. First human Spectre. Saved the Citadel and the Council from certain death during a Reaper assault. Thought dead after an ambush, was recently spotted alive in several worlds. Appeared to be working with Cerberus, a pro human group. Lead a small team through the Omega 4 Relay to assault on a Collectors base. Reports indicate that despite the destruction of the base, everyone returned alive, and that Shepard no longer works for Cerberus.

    Was once romantically linked to the Asari now known as the Shadw Broker. Current reports indicate a new relationship with the turian known as Garrus Vakarian.

    Use her dammit Bioware.

    Oh give her the front cover Bioware!

    Jen Hale DESERVES this!

    If people have followed you THIS far they'd HAVE to know the characters are custom!

    Lookin' good FemShep.

    *Glares at Miranda* so glad I got you killed!

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