Nintendo Doubts You Can Take Wii U To The Bathroom

Nintendo Doubts You Can Take Wii U To The Bathroom

Prior to E3, as details of the next Wii were becoming clear, I had a dream that I could play the games on Nintendo’s next console in my bathroom.

The idea is that the Wii 2 – which we now know will be called the Wii U – can stream games that normally run on your TV onto the controller’s 6.2-inch screen. No longer would you have to stop gaming just because your TV was no longer available. The Wii 2, I dreamed, would be the game console that would let me keep gaming while taking a bathroom break!

I dreamed too ambitiously, it seems.

“I don’t know how far away your bathroom is,” Nintendo’s Katsuya Eguchi told me, as I bothered the lead creator of the Animal Crossing series and of several upcoming Wii U projects with my bathroom brainstorm.

I suggested that he stop by my house to see, which he laughed in a manner that allowed me to feel as if he was amused by my response and not creeped out by it.

I clarified: Can we use the Wii U controller to run a game even if we’ve stepped away from the TV?

“The thought is you’ll be playing in the same room that the base console is in,” he said. And, sure enough, Eguchi’s Wii U demos, multiplayer shorts like Chase Mii and Battle Mii are quite fun when you’re playing in the same room as your opponents, the rest of whom use Wii Remotes and the TV, while you play off of the controller.

So, unless you move your console into your bathroom or move your toilet into your living room – and why not, considering the Kinect required us to rearrange our couches? – there will be no Wii U gaming on the toilet. At least none confirmed. Naturally, I’ll still try it. I’ll stretch that wireless streaming through my living room wall, if I can. And if you get a Wii U, I’m sure you will as well.

I’ll have more from Eguchi on the Wii U in the coming days…


  • My first place out of moving from home had the toilet, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and lounge in one room all for $25 a week rent. So I can tell you from experienced their is nothing as good as gaming from your toilet.

  • When I first got the Wii, I was playing WiiSports baseball with my brother, we didn’t pause the game, we just walked out to the kitchen.
    Somehow, while the wiimotes were in our hands as we walked to the kitchen, mucked around and walked back, I scored two home runs from his pitches, unwittingly made from another room.
    Meanwhile, we had as yet been unable to manage the same feat while in front of the tv actively playing.
    I went on to win the game from those runs.
    So if the signal for the Wii U is as robust as the wiiremotes’, i think playing in different rooms should be fine.

  • ok let me put this in perspective.. if you’re playing your game and you manage an inaccurate wipe, your wii 2 is WHITE….

    Good luck explaining that stain to your friends, people!

  • If the range is as pathetic as it is sounding, then this is a major disappointment.. didn’t the tech demo show someone coming in and taking over the tv and the game continuing on the tablet? Sure, this is possible, but if my wife comes in to watch HOME & AWAY and I have to stay in the same room, neither of us will be happy with the sound overlays of both… I would expect at least 50 feet SHOULD be possible.. about the same as what I can do with the PSP using remote play from the PS3

  • I never understand people who read or play games on the toilet, I’m never in there long enough to get bored!

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