No More Heroes Creator Takes On Neon Genesis Evangelion

No More Heroes Creator Takes On Neon Genesis Evangelion

Grasshopper Manufacture, the studio behind No More Heroes and the upcoming Shadows of the Damned, is working on a Neon Genesis Evangelion game for the PSP. It’s not your typical Eva game.

The game is based on Rebuild of Evangelion, a remake of the original Evangelion. It’s a rhythm game that will incorporate action, music, and Eva. The game’s sound and music tracks are being mixed by Akira Yamaoka of Silent Hill fame, and the production is being overseen by Grasshopper’s Goichi Suda.

Rebuild of Evangelion Sound Impact‘s development is 85 percent finished, and the game will be out this September in Japan.


  • I was excited until I read ‘It’s a rhythm game that will incorporate action, music, and Eva.’

    • How about the Asuka strangling scene? Banned in Australia for glorifying violence against women.

      • Banned?? I don’t think so! I first saw Evangellion when SBS put it to air in the mid 90’s and that sure as hell finished up with the scene you are refering to!

  • I was excited about it till I saw the letters “PSP” and then I completely lost interest when I saw the words “rhythm game”.

    When will we get an Eva game that’s worthy? When gaming gods!? When?!!!!

    • Exactly. Why can’t the PS3 get the same love? It’s the same as Valkyria Chronicles all over again, i was bloody annoyed when i found out the sequels were PSP only.

  • agreed with everyone else,sounded good when i didn’t know it would be a rhythm game…

  • I like the poster in the background..3nd Impact lol.
    Don’t really like the sound of the game tho…

  • There is no way they could make an Eva game.. unless they threw out all the lore and story and just made it a giant mech game. Then again id still buy it! 😛 Go go eva!

    • No way, that could definitely make a game fully adapted for the original series & cover all 18 angels. I hope to live to see a EVA game that is either a first-person or 3rd action game! But I swear if they plumped it with QTEs, I think I’ll have lost all hope in the industry…

  • Guys, there was already the N64 Evangelion game, which is the closest thing we’ll get to a decent video game adaptation.

  • Pray tell what’s a “typical Eva game”. Have you actually played those games? There’s nothing typical on them.

  • What the hell is wrong with all of you, I was meh about this article UNTIL I read the “action rhythm” part. Now I think it sounds awesome!

    Also, can somebody make Space Channel 5 Part 3 plz!

  • So many great names and ideas here…but I loathe rythym games, prolly cos I have no rythym…

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