OK, So This Neon Genesis Game Doesn't Look That Stupid After All

There's a new Neon Genesis Evangelion game coming out soon on the PSP. It's a music game. Which at the time of its announcement both sounded and looked, well, a little stupid.

Now that this clip shows off a ton of Rebuild of Evangelion: Sound Impact's gameplay footage, though, maybe that was a little harsh. I mean, once the shock of seeing a giant mecha fighting licence turned into a music game (and not a giant mecha fighting game) wears off, this looks like a decent attempt at creating a buffet of rhythm genre staples.

As GameSetWatch points out, there's a ton of different styles of music game on display here, with sections inspired by the likes of Bit.Trip Runner, Gitaroo Man, Ouendan and Dance Dance Revolution. All of which have quite the pedigree.

Both myself and Ashcraft will be at the Tokyo Game Show later this week; we'll jump on, have a play, see how it goes!

Grasshopper's New Evangelion Game In Action And iPhone 4 Cases [GameSetWatch]


    Ouch, just watching the clip has given me a headache. I can see how they are tying in the source material but still seems like an odd match to me.
    Then again I don't really play or enjoy music games so maybe it works for those who do

    My God.

    Now I know what that saying is all about.

    "What has been seen..."

    I love the Eva soundtracks and live in Japan so i'll be grabbing this game.

    Even if it really is just a attempt to milk more money from the franchise, i'm pretty sure i'll enjoy it regardless.

    After watching that... I want to be crushed to death be an EVA unit.

    3nd Impact?

    Gotta love that :P

    Looks like garbage. Ouendan with a different background. But how does it even work on a touchscreen-less PSP?

      I assume it will play like this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hatsune_Miku:_Project_DIVA, which is crazy popular in arcades here in Japan.

      If you've been to a Japanese arcade, you will see that rhythm games with just buttons are still popular. That's how it will work.


    Ok.... That actually looks good.

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