Ocarinas Are REAL!

When Ocarina of Time came out in 1998, I was 17 years old. And really stupid. I genuinely would never have known there was such a thing as an 'Ocarina' if it wasn't for that game. I often wondered if sales of Ocarinas skyrocketed as a result of the game's release. Now that the remake is about to be released overseas, St Louis Ocarina, who make and sell the instruments, are attempting to highlight the buzz to raise awareness of the humble Ocarina. Ocarinas are real, dammit!

I have often considered buying an Ocarina in real life because of Ocarina of Time.

I know. Tragic.


    Didn't we all?
    I didn't realise they were a real instrument until I looked them up.
    Then I learned they didn't have ocarina lessons where I lived.
    I never ended up getting one, but now...

    I'd get one but I don't think I'd be too good at an instrument where I have to blow. However I am considering buying an Oud and a Sarode thanks to Bill Bailey :P

    I first saw them in Wonder Boy in Monster World - you played an Ocarina to open certain doors.

    A few weeks ago I bought the Ocarina of Time from Songbird Ocarinas. It's purrrdy and sounds great. I've had their "sweet potato" ocarina for a while now and that's great too.

    Don't you get one with the pre-order?

    Typo: if it *wasn't for that game.

      *sigh* Can Kotaku please hire a copy editor? There's more spelling and grammar mistakes on Kotaku's articles than a YouTube LOLcats user comment.

        There *are* more spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes. Get it right chump.

          Do you see what you get, Travman!?

            Lol, one of my favourite scrubs moments.

          Travman's usage of "there's" is acceptable although it is considered informal.

        I agree there is a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes. But it's usually in the american stories. I rarely read an article of Mark's with bad spelling and grammar. I suppose that's what happens when you write for a magazine.

        Eh, it's the American articles that I find horrible. Mark's stories are usually very well written!

          I agree, although Mark tends to muck up it's/its a lot. :P

    Actually come to think of it, my mate's young brother bought one from one of those pop-culture stores.
    This was a while ago mind and he was a douche that would always say 'it's funny cause its true'. He wrecked the joke!

    lol, they are a pretty classy instrument if you think about it.

    They can fit in your pocket or bag easily (unlike a flute or recorder), they're a bit more mystical sounding than a Harmonica or Melodica and it's nowhere near as lame as just plain whistling.

    I didn't know that the ocarina was a real instrument until I found the iPhone app...sad but true...

    I was always more a skin flute player..

    ..sorry I had to go there.

    I remember reading an article about a particular ocarina specialist store's sales going up 40000% after the release of Ocarina of Time.
    Forty. Thousand. Per cent.

    Actually maybe I remembered it wrong. But you get the idea.

    Get the Ocarina edition for Zelda on 3DS! it comes with and ocarina and a chart sheet for Zeldas lullaby. I JIZZED when I saw it.

      It's probably a dodgy plastic one though...

        It is a dodgy plastic one. I pre-oredered the combo because they showed a ceramic one. Trust me, the sound is a LOT different.

        However you can get ceramic ones...if you know where you go. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.154944221239357.39899.151825208217925 For example, Gametraders.

          Yeah it's misleading, some of the promo shots show a plastic one, some ceramic. Some even showed a 6 hole ocarina and others showed a 12 hole.


    Dear Mr. Serrels

    Just in case you didn't realise - guitars, drums, bass, keyboards and microphones are all real too. They aren't just figments of Harmonix's (Guitar Hero/Rock Band) imagination ;)


    I've been an Ocarina player for the past 4-5 years now. They're fantastic instruments and it's a lot of fun playing music from the games on them.

    What's sad is that with the Australian 'special release' of OoT 3DS, every man and his dog will have a crappy plastic Ocarina to butcher all the songs with.

    Looking forward to it.

      But our awesome real man ocarinas will always keep us a cut above the rest! Mine even has a triforce on it.

        I'm hoping the plastic one will be good enough to see if I enjoy playing it or not.

        I am, however, rather concerned about difficulty(having managed to fail the rug rats theme on piano last time I tried. Poor thing never had a chance..). Anyone have advice on not ruining the songs they would like to share?

    Hell, I DID buy an ocarina because of this game... Two, actually

    Wow, awesome! When I uploaded the video yesterday I had no idea the word could have spread around this quickly, cheers Kotaku for spotting it hanging around youtube!

    Mark, you should, even just for some 'guilty-pleasure' kicks, at least pre-order the ocarina edition from ebgames :D Hey guys, "like" this video to help spread some ocarina awareness!

    Hey nice vid, it makes me want an ocarina and the game lol.

    Here is a video of me playing my Ocarina. I want to help raise OcAwareness. I am still a novice but I have an ocarina and I'm not afraid to music.

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