Some Of Ocarina's Original Glitches Were Deliberately Kept In 3DS Version

In building the 3D remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the mandate for the developer Grezzo was to preserve fans' memories of the original as much as possible. That meant, where possible, that bugs from the original Nintendo 64 game were intentionally left in.

"As programmers, we wanted to get rid of bugs," Grezzo's Shun Moriya said in the latest Iwata Asks roundtable discussion with the Nintendo president, "But the staff members who had played the old game said the bugs were fun!

"It wouldn't be fun if your friends couldn't say, 'Do you know about this?' So we left them in if they didn't cause any trouble and were beneficial," Moriya added.

Iwata asked if Grezzo "implemented them as you would specs, rather than treating them like bugs." Yes, Moriya said.

"If something simply could not be allowed to stand, we begrudgingly fixed it, so some bugs don't appear," he said. "But we left in as many as we could, so people will grin over that."

Iwata Asks: Ocarina of Time [Nintendo]


    Is there a list of bugs???

      Worth checking out this video by Motherf**ker Mike on the Angry Video Game Nerd site, he runs through various glitches in the game. Of course from the N64 version but at least you get an idea of what to look for.

    I cant remember any other bugs other than the replace an item with a bottle =/

    The ability to hit back ganan's light ball with a bottle is still in.

    Both kinds of infinite sword attack glitches are in

    "Swim" on land is still there

    The infinite golden skeletar (using the boomerang and a beam of light) is still there (although i think that ones a little game breaking)

    Ones ive seen that are fixed.

    The ability to use any item on empona

    No sword glitch (linked to the first)

    Skipping the first couple trials in ganons castle (along with a bunch of speed running "techniques")

    Does this mean the glitch where you could repeatedly catch one of the gold skulltulas has been left in?

    I'm guessing most of the bugs that speedrunners abused are the ones that stayed. Walking up wall seams, bombchu jumping and whatever you call that one where you use a deku stick and then deal massive damage.

    There was one that would let you get unlimited gold skeleta token really easily when you go into one of those pits, kill a skeleta, boomerang the token to you while backfliping back onto the telporter as you recieve it.

    That one saves ALOT of time going through those guides..

    This wasn't them leaving bugs in on purpose. It was a lazy port.

    With this long development time, I really wish they had added some new dungeons to make the game better. Whenever a Square-Enix game is remade they add heaps of content, and it makes the game better.

      Redrawing and up-scaling every texture in the game, porting to the new control system and developing a whole new ui for the game.

      Those lazy bastards.

        And charging $70 for it too. It needed new dungeons. It doesn't have them. It stinks compared to other remakes, such as Tactics Ogre and Pokemon Heart Gold/Sou Silver, not to mention Monkey Island.

          Had they added new dungeons, fans would've cried foul, and that's where Nintendo is getting their money on this. Fans didn't want new content from this. They wanted OOT in a portable form, which is exactly what they got.

          If Zelda fans want a new Zelda experience, they'll purchase a new Zelda game (which they'll have the opportunity to do with Skyward Sword in the future), not an updated port of OOT.

            I was a fan, but the low detail models and textures aren't exactly a huge upgrade. Better experience with OoT on emulator plus the high detail texture pack.

            This is a lazy cash-in designed to fill and empty timeslot while Nintendo desperately tries to finish up its real 3DS titles. Don't go telling me about new content or faithfulness, they couldn't port those pre-rendered backgrounds to 3D at all anyway. If they were trying to be faithful, they wouldn't have completely redesigned all the interiors.

            And Master Quest came out for Gamecube already, it is not "8 new levels". I didn't pay a cent for it, it was a preorder bonus for Wind Waker.

          Master Quest is effectively 8 new dungeons.

          Also, OoT feels complete as is; if they were to re-release Windwaker then I would really expect to get the two dungeons that were supposedly cut due to "time constraints" (since I feel that Windwaker is about two dungeons short of being my favourite Zelda of them all).

          I dunno, I can empathise with the feeling that maybe it should have included something more, but I honestly couldn't say what that is.

      Couldn't disagree more, adding more dungeons would have been too much of a change, and if you know anything about the speedrunning community then leaving in those bugs would be a massive plus, one that someone at nintendo (see "staff") would likely be aware of. Personally one of the first things I do if I happen to play a re released game like say Beyond Good and Evil is see if any of the old tricks are there, and I'm nearly always disappointed when they're gone.

      You're an idiot. It's not hard to remove bugs in 2011, they simply chose to leave them in for flavour. A "Lazy" port. What?

      It adds Master Quest, ie. 'new' dungeons that were never commercially sold in Australia and only available in the limited edition promotion with GCN.

      It adds in gyroscope controls, cleans up the game, 3D, the Sheikah stone system for beginners, on top of Master Quest and Boss modes and you're still bitching.

    L targeting off the top of Kakarikos tower is still there :D

    Water temple switch swim-dash bug is gone.

    What is with the water temple easy mode hieroglyphs?? Bunch of SOOKS! :P

      I know, It was total bullshit.

    Bet you can't get past Mido without the Kokiri Sword any more...

    What a load of BS. This is an insult to the intelligence of gamers. F*** Nintendo and their half arsed shitty re-makes.

      Do you follow OoT at all? Are you a part of the speedrunning community, or do you genuinely feel they did a half-assed job?

      They added in Master Quest, Sheikah Stones, new aim controls, Boss Modes, upscaled the entire game... On top of patching up game-breaking bugs, while leaving in flavour bugs for nostalgia and you're whining. Damned if they do, damned if they don't.

      Completely disagree. Had they not kept the bugs in, people would have gone nuts. Same thing's happening with the Halo Anniversary remake from the sheer amount of complaining on the forums about bugs being removed.

      Yeah, life is tough...

    All of those bitching about a "lazy" port and lack of new content, shut the f♥ck up, seriously. Nintendo never once said anything about adding in new dungeons, so if you assumed they were going to and feel cheated of your money, it's your own damn fault. It's exactly what they said it would be. A 3D version of Ocarina of Time with a few extra modes. I personally believe Nintendos only fault was there poor handling of the free soundtrack offer, but oh well.

      So you're complaining that people are complaining? Very constructive. You're doing so well.

      A good lot of us haven't bought this over the lack of improved content, and the way that the improved content lacks. The 3DS could've had much more fully realized environments than what some extra particles and a few extra polygons here and there can pull off.

    i recently went thru the game and the infinite gold skulltulas trick has been removed. if im wrong then message me, i tried it like 10 times and it wouldnt work.

      I think it was removed because I tried it 5 times and it hasn't worked yet. When I backflip it slows down so it counts that sketulla permanently. :( Have you tried that Ganon's corridor barrier glitch?

    1st world problems

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