Hey! Look At What's New In The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time 3D

The Nintendo 3DS remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time does more than just give the Nintendo 64 original a visual makeover and bring it into magical stereoscopic 3D. It has (at least) three potentially exciting new features.

As shown in the video above, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D has a new "Super Guide" style hint system, offering the player a chance to see visions of the future - Hint Movies - should they find themselves stumped. Ideal for those of us who might not have played Ocarina of Time for a decade or more.

This new video also shows the ease of Link's touchscreen inventory control, an innovation that should dull the pain of the game's infamous Water Temple. Marvel at the speed at which Iron Boots are equipped and unequipped.

Finally, there's the Boss Challenge, for players who like to sprint through their boss fights. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D comes to Nintendo 3DS on June 17 in Europe, June 19 in North America.


    That video shows nothing of the sort. I am confused and sad that i missed out on the ipad party and its DJs...

    er... what does a video on iPad Party DJ Dolls have to do with Zelda? :P

    man, that guy is hot


    Hmm - ipad party dols? Possible YouTube fail there ;)

    Michael! Michael!

    Fix the article, Michael!

    You've been dipping your fingers in Gizmodo again!

    epic FAIL! I suddenly feel like I know too much about Michael McWhertor's taste in viewing material. lol

    Looking good, can't wait :) need a decent game for the 3DS already!

    Looks like the video is correct now, unfortunately these are all features already discussed. None of them are bad certainly, but for the experienced fan they don't really add anything.

    The boss run is an interesting idea, but given how easy most of the bosses are to defeat I don't think this will get used for much but nostalgia.

      What if they throw in a free massage and a dinner for two at the restaurant of your choice?

        That would be pretty awesome, you should be on their marketing team

    These things are nice and all, but I'm much more excited about finally getting a copy of the game which has Master Quest. Somehow missed it on Gamecube.

    Is there a 3DS-specific Zelda in the works? Would be good to have Twilight Princess-grade graphics in a handheld...

    Eb games says OoT3D is coming June 30

    It's kind of sad that the 3DS' first MUST HAVE GAME is a beefed up port of an old game. A very pretty CLASSIC old game to be sure but shouldn't nintendo be using this tech to give us something new and exciting?

    Are you kidding? I couldn't be happier that they're going back and making awesome old games even more awesome with new technology.

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