Proving Ground Co-Host's Blood Alcohol Over Legal Limit

Ryan Dunn, the 34-year-old co-host, died in a car crash this week when he lost control of his Porsche 911, killing him and his passenger. According to Reuters, Dunn's blood-alcohol level was twice the legal limit. [Reuters]


    Cool story, bro.

    Dude didn't this show just start? What a thing to happen...

    Well he was a good guy, but anybody stupid enough to get wrecked and then drive deserves to die in my opinion. That could have been my kids he smashed into the f♥cking stupid prick.

      i dont think they deserve to DIE lol but its dumb to be twice the limit and drive, that is pretty clearly wasted. also in a porsche 911 which is a beast. also it bugs me when people bring their kids into unrelated sh♥t, thats how u turn into super protective parent and end up with socially retarded kids

        yep, its sad, but he was clearly someone with no regard for my life or the people I love's lives.

        also, grow up mate. If you think people being concerned for the safety of their family is abnormal then you are the socially retarded one.

          Can we all chill now?

            Let's all have a nice chilled out beer and NOT drive our 911s!

              I couldn't think of a better idea than that.

    Brian Ashcraft posts such poor articles.

    Can you guys please find a better writer to replace him?


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