Report: Someone's Buying PopCap Games For A Cool Billion

The makers of Peggle, Plants vs Zombies and Bejeweled are reportedly in the process of being snapped up by someone with very, very deep pockets. The rumoured mystery buyer may be paying more than $US1 billion for the right to PopCap's brand of casual, commercially successful fun.

TechCrunch names a few possible buyers in its report on the buyout, specifically Electronic Arts, Facebook game giant Zynga and China's Tencent. That last name, if you're not familiar with it, boasts an astounding $US383.41 billion market cap, making a purchase of PopCap seem like an easy thing to squeeze into the budget.

That said, EA's not afraid to spend and spend big. It snapped up BioWare and Pandemic in 2007 for $US860 billion and purchased casual games maker Playfish last year in a deal somewhere between $US300 million and $US400 million.

PopCap Games To Be Acquired For $US1 Billion+ [TechCrunch]


    Bioware and Pandemic fetched $860 billion? Amazing what a difference a single letter can make :P

    $860 Billion, eh?

      I wouldn't have ever noticed this until you mentioned it. Now I had a good Dr Evil chuckle.

    Surprised no mention of Activision or MS. Activision have plenty of cash, and like money a lot. MS also have deep pockets and PopCap's games are the kind of thing that could be a huge boost for Windows phones and tablets as well as XBLA.

    I was curious so I went to find out - Pop Cap's REVENUE last year was $100 million, and that's their best result yet (up 25% on the previous year) so whoever is buying them is paying 10 times turnover, that's a pretty optimistic play if you ask me.

    @ Braaains - I reckon most of PopCap's games are already on XBLA, though with M$ paying a similar amount for Skype it probably is them.

      Well yeah, but most of their games are currently everywhere, including iPhone, PSN, etc. I guess what I meant was that they could have exclusivity on future PopCap games. That'd be a big plus in the casual-gaming dominated phone/tablet markets.

    My bet is Apple.

    You know they want a bigger share of the gaming pie!

      The funny thing is, Apple are in a position to make such a move. They literally have piles of money sitting in Apple HQ for rainy day purchases like this :p

        That money goes into keeping their teams of highly trained lawyers on company payroll. That.. and using company helicopters to dry their executives' home tennis courts.

      Doubt it. Apple doesn't develop games, or publish them, or have any intention of doing either of those.

      On the gaming front, they just want to tighten their hold on the Games Center which, as gaming platforms go, has completely flatlined since IOS4.

    please don't be zynga
    please don't be zynga
    please, please, don't be zynga

      Oh God that would be the WORST possible thing to happen. Fucking hell.

      I have to say, I totally thought the same thing immediately when I read the header.

      I pray it's not.

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