Space Invaders Merch Sure Has Gotten Fancy

Fancy Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome has teamed up with Taito to create these Space Invaders watches that go a little above and beyond your average video game merchandising deal.

Only 156 are going to be made, with two versions available of 78 watches each, one in black & white, the other in colour. You probably won't be able to afford one, either, with the steel casing of the watches "coalesced with fragments from the Apollo 11 capsule" and each invader on every watch hand-machined.

Space Invaders shake up the watchmaking world! [RJ, via Hypebeast]


    As much as I hate the whole retro/nostalgia/8-bit plague, these do look very nice. Especially the background.

    disappointing in the fact that you cant play the game.

    Wow....I guess it's a smart move. Combining a popular 80's (late 70's) video game with pieces from a time in history that are not only relevant to the game but will also fetch a great cost. I'm pretty sure Apollo 13 related items are (fairly/really high?) in its market right now...I know history buffs will pay top dollar, but I'm curious to know what EXACTLY that top dollar is....not that I would be able to pay for it, but hey, I'm curious!

    Anyone have any ideas?

      Although, it is a tad much....and it doesn't give much honor to Apollo 13..I mean, I love space invaders, but throwing those two together (despite there small relevance that exists) is OBVIOUSLY a ploy to get the big bucks.

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