Surely This Is The Smallest Adventure Game In The World

Inspired by the minimalist arcade stylings of Defender of the Favicon, Boing Boing's Rob Beschizza has crafted himself what the smallest adventure game I've ever played. Literally.

Tinyhack>_em> is played in a game world that's only 8x8 pixels wide. For all the lack of detail available on such a canvas, there's still a little game able to be packed in there, as you can explore a world, traipse through dungeons and kill things.

All represented by tiny coloured squares, of course, with the world (and its accompanying box art) randomly generated every time you refresh the page.

Tinyhack [Boing Boing]


    Somebody can't count, it's 9x9 not 8x8. Unless it's me?

      You were right on both counts sir.
      Yes, someone can't count.
      Yes, it's you.



    is freaking cool. love the minimalism!

    What does the inventory screen look like? :P

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