Terrifying TriMount Connects All Your Game Console Sensors

Terrifying TriMount Connects All Your Game Console Sensors

For anyone who owns all three of this generation’s gaming consoles, it can be a bitch setting up their respective sensor peripherals. Not anymore, as the dreamGEAR TriMount combines all three. Only it looks like a very angry Wall-E.

This behemoth rigs the Xbox 360 Kinect, PlayStation Eye and Wii Sensor Bar together to form one formidable ultra-accessory that rests securely on the top of your LCD screen. That way you don’t have to worry about switching them out ever again. And it’s pretty cheap, running you about $US30. Just don’t piss it off. [Wired]

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  • looks pretty shite. might be ok for a kids bedroom setup. but for most people who have all 3 consoles, they are adults, who have them set up in the main living area. i wouldnt want that thing sitting on top of my unit.
    i dont have kinect but as for the 2 cameras and the wii sensor, they come out as needed. cant stand having rubbish around my tv.

  • Can’t you just put the Wii sensor bar on top of the Kinect, the Kinect under the TV and the Playstation Eye on top of the TV?

    • The Kinect moves up and down to calibrate to your room when it powers up so you couldn’t really put the Wii sensor on there… unless you stuck it too it… maybe that would work.

      I agree there is a much better way to do it then with this ugly thing

  • Must admit i’m somewhat surprised there’s been no 3rd party device come out capable of replacing all 3 devices… 3-in-1 sensor bar/camera.

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