The Followers Of Chaos Are Out Of Control In Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

To the uninitiated, the Chaos Marines in Warhammer 40,000 are just like the Space Marines, only purple with glowing red eyes. Perhaps it's best we just leave it at that.


    This game looks so good. I just hope it plays well.

    I have missed the 40K universe.

    I'm so excited for this game. All they need is to let me play a Chaos space marine - any chapter, and chaos god fealty, I don't care. Let me smash little blue vanilla marines and I'll die a happy man.

    Maybe DLC? Please?

      I'd only back this if they also let you play as Fallen Dark Angels.

        Well I wanna play as a gretchen

          That is hard difficulty. If a marine gives you a hard stare you die.

      One of the preorder bonuses is a Chaos Marine chapter (can't recall which one) so I suppose that means we'll be able to use them in multiplayer.

      I saw skins for the Emperor's Children and the Iron Warriors so its looks like you get to play chaos in multi player!

    +1 for an R.E.M. reference.

    The graphics look a lot better then I expected which is just a bonus on how cool everything in this game is!
    Hopefully they follow it all up with a good story (like the warhammer books) anyone know if there is any info on that?

    "Memo to art department: needs more spikes and skulls"

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