Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Serves Up Multiplayer Marines 1.8 Billion Ways

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Serves Up Multiplayer Marines 1.8 Billion Ways

If the text flashing by in this trailer are to be believed, Relic Entertainment has managed to cram 1.8 billion different ways to customise Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine‘s six multiplayer classes, a number at least 1000 times larger than the amount of people likely to care.


  • “…a number at least 1000 times larger than the amount of people likely to care.”

    Wait.. so by being a smart-arse you’re saying that there will still be, what, 1.8 million people who care?

    That’s still quite a lot to people…

    -Insert usual ‘Americans shit me’ comment-

    • Also – to further my fanbyishness – if you’re not a fan of the 40k universe you really won’t understand just how amazing all this customization really is

      *adjusts thick black-rimmed glasses*
      *ruffles shaggy hair and plaid shirt*

      • Agreed. Personally, I’m not really a follower of the universe, but I love Relic’s Dawn of War games and I think this looks great. I think true fans would really appreciate how seriously they treat the subject matter, and for those toe dippers like me, the games are extremely well made and a great deal of fun.

  • I might be able to make my Marine look like my old Blood Angel Death Company?! Awesome.

    And yes, agree 100% with your comment, Loops!

    • Yerp – they said in a revious interview that all fan favorites will be there wit hthe ability to tweak every last piece and color, all based and citadel pain schemes

      • Awesome. We could make a Kotaku chapter for multiplayer if there are enough people. I think this will be the first game in years I buy on release.

        I think I’ll order online. Is ozgameshop the best to go with in terms of service and speed of delivery? I have never got games online because I usually wait till they are on sale for $30. I have a list of games to buy when they are cheap on my desk.

        • ozgameshop is most certainly the easiest – everything i have gotten from them has arrived anywhere between 7-14 days which is pretty rad

          Others haven’t been so lucky though so just keep that in mind.

          I usually never spend over between $20-30 on a game, but i have gone all out and pre-iordered the collectors edition from EB for $148 so i can have it day one with a neat purity seal.

          I won’t have my weekly $20 allowance for quite some time…

          • Well I think I’ll preorder it (Just the normal addition) so i’ll get it in the first week or so. I asume that by the oz in the name that the games are compatible with Aussie xbox’s. That is the only other thing I was worried about back when I thought about it in my ps2 days.

            What kinda warhammer fan are you? You should hand make your own purity seal out of old cardboard and newspaper. Then paint it yourself. *Shakes head disapprovingly*

          • Actually, real warhammer fans carve them from green stuff 😛

            And yeah, all UK games are PAL format so work fine with all aussie consoles 🙂

          • cool thanks for the info.

            I downloaded killteam last night, but waiting for my friend to come over on saturday for some co-op goodness. Have you played it yet? Any thoughts?

          • I have played the demo briefly – the inaccuracies is a little disappointing

            BUT – it is meant to eb an arcadey shooter – and as that it’s pretty neat.

            I was just annoyed that the heavy bolter fires only on 3-burst rounds rather than full auto, until you use your ability to make it full auto..

            Still quite a bit of fun, however.

            it’s definately not a reflection of what space marine will end up being, though

  • I wonder how many different types of wax seals they are going to have!! I hope you don’t have to unlock everything first.

  • I love the Warhammer universes, but I think this game would be better off coming out nowhere near Gears of War 3. As a result, I think I’m waiting for this to hit the bargain bin.

    • That comment really doesn’t make a lot of sense. You love it but you won’t get it until it hits the bargain bin?

      I am worried about the effect the gears release will have on the MP of this, however.

      • I had the same thought. We’re quite vulnerable over here in lonely old Australia. It takes a pretty big online community to make a game viable. I’ve found even Bad Company 2 is often too laggy, and that’s pretty popular.

        If you’re on the xbox, Chuloopa, I might see you there!

  • I just hope there are some ba’dass Space Wolves-esque customizations available 🙂 So I can make me a kick-arse Space Viking.

    • Space wolves are there too, mate 🙂
      I’m not too sure if they have the nick-nacks to go with it, but i’m sure they would have some embellishments to keep you happy

  • No offense but suck it long, suck it hard Trebek, err I mean Mike Fahey!!

    This is going to look great in multiplayer with so much customisation. Everyone can look individual and different!! But what this also means is I will be spending hours making all sorts of Marines.

    Does anyone know if the helmets will include the signature looks like for example the Night Lords Bat wings on the helmet or the Thousand Sons helmet style?

    Here’s hoping you can get a skull face paint on the helmet ala Horus Heresy Night Lords or 40K chaplains!!

    And I very much agree with Palstran, here’s hoping most of it is unlocked to start with if not all.

  • Each of the 6 classes gets to choose from a palette of 16,777,216 colours and has 18 items to choose from.

  • WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had a xbox 360 and played GoW, not multiplayer though (I’m a cheapskate). But then my friends all got PS3’s so I’ve had to abandon a decent game to hang out with my friends.

    But if this is good, I’ll be smashing it up. C’mon September!!!

  • Is there someone we can contact about articles with smart arse remarks in them?

    Dont know how you guys feel but more and more recently ive been seeing articles on Kotaku that are written by smart arse’s, articles that are lacking any substance or simply just poor journalism..

    • I’d be assuming you’re not talking about any of the australian articles 😛

      Basically the american arm is run by a different mob – so you can complain to them direct from the US site, or just do what mot people do and ignore it and read mainly the much better written aussie stuff 🙂

  • I wonder why they didn’t do some form of orks for multiplayer. They could have had Boyz with shootas for tac marines, Lootas for devestator and stormboyz for assault marines. Heck if they needed something tougher they could have Nobs in mega-armour , big meks with shok attack guns (different firing effects for weapons) and stormboy nobs.

    • probably because they would need different animations. The two types of marines are just different skins so half as much work. plus orks don’t have power armour so it isn’t fair.

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