The Highs Of Zelda, The Disappointment Of 3D

The Highs Of Zelda, The Disappointment Of 3D

Last Thursday, Japanese nerd hero Shoko Nakagawa bought The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. She wasn’t alone; the game sold out at stores across the country. She was ecstatic.

On her widely read blog, Nakagawa posted pics of her with game, held behind her back, held in front of her face, and even stuffed it in her mouth.

“It’s here, it’s here, it’s here, it’s here,” she wrote over and over again about the “god game”.

Nakagawa rocketed to fame in 2005, as otaku culture became popular in part due to Train Man. Her blog has been accessed over a billion times.

The 3DS launched in Japan with a somewhat lackluster line-up. There was a Professor Layton title, but there wasn’t a Mario game or a Zelda. As much as Nintendo tries to cater to third party developers, people buy Nintendo hardware to play Nintendo games.

Finally, Nintendo’s released a 3DS port of the N64 classic The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, giving players a chance to enjoy the title with improved graphics and glasses-free 3D.

Nakagawa, who’s successfully made the leap from Akihabara idol to mainstream celeb, encouraged her readers to purchase the game. But the next day, Nakagawa followed up her Zelda 3D celebration with another post, writing how nostalgic the game is, reminding her of when it first came out.

The key difference this time is the addition of 3D. But is that addition necessary?

“Raise your hand if you’ve been playing a bunch in 2D even though it’s got 3D,” Nakagawa wrote in another post.

One thing that’s been somewhat baffling about Nintendo of late is the relentless desire to put some sort of twist on its hardware. With the Wii, that can lead to new gaming experiences—but that’s not always necessary. Most are happy enough to play a polished port of a classic Zelda game.

So, raise your hand if you’ve been playing a bunch in 2D even though the 3DS has 3D.

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  • I don’t see the quote showing any kind of disappointment. Playing in 2D is a personal preference, I do all my gaming in 3D on the 3DS and have no complaints on how it was implemented.

    • This. More of Bashcraft’s bullshit sloppy journalism. She never claims that she is ‘dissapointed’ in the 3d, just that she prefers playing it in 2d.

      For a big singleplayer RPG like this, that you play for hours at a time, I can see her point. I love the 3D effect of my 3DS, but even it gets a little straining at times.

  • The 3D makes me feel light headed after a while so I’ll probably only switch it on for the cinematic moments.

  • At some point Nintendo are going to have to pull back on the gimmicks and start pushing the games again. The N64 didn’t have a gimmick, and it was super successful. I wonder what the key was there… could it have been… just possibly… the large range of quality and fun games?
    The DS didn’t sell because it had two screens, it sold because it had great games to play on it. They didn’t even have to use the second screen that much! Pokemon barely uses it, and it’s a huge hit. *sigh* Nintendo, I love you, but really…

    • The N64’s gimmick was the analogue stick and rumble (albeit, a little later on).

      I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the analogue stick especially is kind of a BIG DEAL.

      They are not gimmicks, they are innovations. Look at the Wii and the DS – and look how quickly their competitors have tried to copy them.

  • I play my only 3DS game in 2D. Super Street Fighter 4 gets a solid 60FPS in 2D mode, whereas only 30FPS in 3D mode. IN a game like SSFIV, I prefer a better framerate over superfluous 3D.
    I’ll be playing OoT in 3D though.

  • 3D is a great visual aid when it represents true space. When you’re just seeing a quarter of the depth the image should represent, though, it’s not bringing a lot to the table.

    Playing Clive Barker’s Undying 10 years ago with a pair of eDimensional glasses was so far my best experience with 3D games.

    Aside from Wario Land on the VB, which was a AAA game.

    A lot of people made big issues out of the 3D, red screens of the VB, but I never once got an eyestrain headache or anything of the sort from playing it. I tend to think most people who complained probably never adjusted the system properly.

  • I’m sad now. I had intended to buy a 3DS and Ocarina of Time later this week… but as a father’s day gift the universe decided to make my car die… and now all the money I’d set aside for silly spending is gone.

    I’d play it in 3D all the time if Nintendo wanted to donate one to me…

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