There Will Be No Gold Wii Nunchuk

There will be a gold Nintendo Wii Remote Plus coming out late this year. Nintendo plans to bundle some of them with the new Zelda, Skyward Sword, and sell others separately.

But what about a gold nunchuk? You'll need some sort of Wii nunchuk attachment plugged into your gold (or white or black) Motion-Plus-enabled Wii Remote in order to play this new Zelda. Shouldn't there be a gold version to match?

There won't be one. "We looked into it," Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-AIme said. "It was a little more bling than I think the average consumer was looking for."


    Just like how they didn't release pink or blue ones to go with those coloured remotes.. I don't get why they wouldn't release them. I was glad my red wii didn't come with a red remote and either a black or white nunchuk, I would have been pretty disappointed. The gold is cute though.

    Im sorry Nintendo, but who cares about the 'average consumer'. They arent going to buy a golden, zelda branded wiimote anyway, you make the nunchuk cause zelda fans DO want that much bling.

    At least I can plug my golden classic controller pro into it.

    If there's one thing I hate about Nintendo it's how bloody inconsistent they are when it comes to colors and designs of their hardware and accessories. When the Wii was announched they showed like 234 color varieties... how long has it been out? what are the available colors?

    I really would like Nintendo or stores to sell Wii-mote and Nunchuk Packs.

    Especially for special editions.

    If your going to buy a Zelda Wii-mote you'll buy a Zelda Wii-mote Nunchuk combo.

    I have to agree with Samuel Webster, this is supposed to be a special package but then they say "average consumer", WTF?.

    It was not suppose to be a normal package, with only the game, the thing for the average consumer?

    So, they realising a half butchered "special package" not especific for the hardcore fans of the leyend, but for those how think that they will be hardcore fans and want to brag about who gold is her wiimote?

    Or Nintendo will play to be the economic devil and a month or a week later they´re going to reales a golden nunchuk alone half the price of the "special package".


    Agree with most....Gold wii mote = GOLD NUNCHUCK...why would you wont a black or white nunchuck with a golden would just look taky...we have at home the red,black and blue remotes all with coulourd nunchucks and i would expect to have a golden nunchuck as well!!!get a grip abviosly dont know how to reach the customers...were not in the 1940s where tvs weher balck and white we are in 2011 where everything is in colour and the brighter the better!!!!!!

    SERIOUSLY... Give me my GOLD nunchuck!

    you noobs read wrong, there is one available for 3000 points. It's not Zelda branded, just gold in colour so not the best match.

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