UFC 3 Puts Pride In Its Work

UFC 3 Puts Pride In Its Work

Pride Fighting Championship rules—these would be ones permitting head stomps and soccer kicks to the noggin—are among a set of features for the officially announced UFC 3 that will expand on the leading mixed martial arts simulation title and incorporate many qualities of its short-lived competition.

Officially announced by THQ this morning, Pride rules will be joined by a brand-new submission system and MMA star Bas Rutten as features that once distinguished EA Sports MMA but now find a home in the UFC series.

Strikeforce, the MMA promotion that was EA Sports MMA principal licensor, was bought out by UFC in March. UFC and THQ have an exclusive deal. That plus a game that erases all distinction held by its competition means this will probably be the only MMA title published in 2012.

A news release this morning touted UFC 3—renamed from the UFC Undisputed 2009/10 series title—with the option to play with a simplified control set that allows fighters of all skill levels to get in on the action. Quicker striking mechanics are promised also. Updated presentation will deliver “new camera positions, improved facial animations and a gritty, high contrast appearance.”

Rutten joins UFC 3‘s booth as a commentator, with Stephen Quadros. A news release touted “notorious MMA rules, “including the ability to execute soccer-style kicks, head stomps and ground knees to the head.”

More than 150 licensed fighters will appear in the roster, about 50 more than the rosters in UFC Undisputed 2010 perhaps suggesting that the fighters of EA Sports MMA will move over wholesale to this title.

UFC 3 is expected to have a sizable presence at THQ’s booth at E3. We’ll be sure to give it a close look and tell you more about what it has to offer.


  • Most of the 50 new fighters will probably be taken up by the two new weight classes added to the game.

    • agreed 100%… really sucks that there is only one mma game and not two, but hopefully thq can deliver with this new ufc game…

  • Ugh not Quadros, I hate that dude! Always wished I could just mute him, and listen to Bas

    Good news though, should give the game a bit more depth

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