What Will A Middle-Aged Ivy Look Like In Soulcalibur V?

Well, first, we should get this out of the way: recurring Soulcalibur fighter Ivy will be in Soulcalibur V, producer Hisaharu Tago says, with the increasingly underdressed fan favourite to be revealed at some point soon. So I wondered "What will Ivy look like as a 49-year-old?"

Since Soulcalibur V takes place 17 years after the last chapter, that puts Ms. Valentine into middle-aged territory. Would it mean a more modestly dressed Ivy? Would the ravages of time have an impact on her vast... sex appeal? Tago offered some clues about what an Ivy Valentine pushing 50 might look like.

He implied that some unspecified mystical force, perhaps the power of the Soul Edge itself, might have an effect on her ability to return her youthful looks—her father, Cervantes, after all, stopped aging completely at 48. Tago also hinted that a plot point in a previous Soulcalibur game might explain what sounds to be a still youthful-looking Ivy.

So somethings may change in Soulcalibur V with those passing years, but some may stay firmly the same.

Soulcalibur V is coming to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2012. Read Kotaku's E3 2011 impressions for more.


    She has powerful magic besides, she won't get old :)

    Considering the gameplay trailer showed Cassandra (I think), Siegfried and Mitsurugi, and they all looked pretty much the same, I see no reason why any other characters from SCIV would age.

    Well look at the DOA girls, how many games have they had now, and they only seem to be getting younger...perhaps too young >_>

    Her boobs seem to defy gravity...maybe there's a cure for aging in them?

    Hell, I'd still hit it!

    All I can see by making the game 17 years in the future is that it lets them move up their younger female characters to "boobtastic" age and their cooler male characters to "solemn Obi Wan asskicker" age.

    Anyone who is at primo age now will remain so either by magic, time warp, deal with the devil or magical biology.

    So long as they don't touch Taki, there shall be no problem.

    Middle age? THOSE breasts? She must be lactating.

    This is beyond insane character design.

    her chest looks like a bum.

    Oh for fu-

    I loved SCII, fantastic game.

    Then they went and upped the already silly boobie sizes to the point where they actually draw the don't-want-to-play-it line for me. Seriously, from what I've seen of IV the characters that had large-yet-sensible-and-attractive jigglies in II had been upped to the equivilent of SCII Ivy. And let's not even discuss what they made her look like >_>

    Yes you might say boob size is a stupid sounding thing to make or break a game, but it literally is ridiculous to the point where it's extremely distasteful and distracting.

    I'm with Plasma on this. Subtle fanservice can be a nice upside to a game, but when it's parading around on the front cover trying to sell to 14 year olds in cup-size ZZ form, it's just a huge turn off to me.

    Maybe I'm just getting old but if I want porn I'll download porn, not go out and buy a mediocre fighting game. Yes that includes you too DOA.

    Shinkada, if you get nothing out of these games that you don't from porn, then DO NOT buy them. Now SOME of us actually buy games for GAMEPLAY, not to look at the female characters. DOA and Soul Calibur are anything but mediocre and if you don't see that, then the copies you woulda bought and not appreciated because of character model design are in better, more deserving hands.

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