Win! Shadow Of The Damned Jacket - Featuring Suda 51's Fibres

A couple of weeks back, we interviewed Suda 51 about his new game Shadow of the Damned. He was wearing the above jacket. Now we have that jacket - and you can win it! Along with one of four copies of his latest game!

It's a pretty awesome jacket, and extremely limited.

So the prizes are as follows...

Winner 1 x Shadow of the Damned leather jacket 1 x Copy of the game Shadow of the Damned

3 x Runners Up 1 x Copy of the game Shadow of the Damned

Entering is simple - since Shadow of the Damned is all about Hell and demonic minions, I want you guys to draw your own personal hell.

The most creative/interesting/hilarious entries will win! Drop your images in jpeg form below! Don't worry if you're not a seasoned artists, this is more about the concept than the execution.

Go nuts everyone! Competition ends Sunday at midnight, and I'll announce the winner by Tuesday.

Terms and conditions can be found here href="">here!


    haha totally getting the missus to enter this. She's the artist in the relationship :P

    Anyone notice two joy division post-punk songs titled on the jacket "dead souls" and I swore I saw "love will tear us apart" on some of the earlier screenshots of the game. He might be a fan.

    I'm sitting in front of the fastest computer known to man... with no leds! I'm logged into my steam account. An eternity to play! No games installed though... no matter! Time to downloaded.

    Wait... what is the connection dialog box coming up on the screen? What is that horrible bone crushing wail coming from the PC tower?!

    Oh no. I know this sound. Beelzebub you son of a....

    56K modem.



    Oh, Mark, what happened with the superpower competition? Did I miss it?

    but yt pulled the rebecca black video!!!!! ;)





    *starts penning like a madman*

    Im the worlds worst artist. I can't even make my handwriting legible. This is gonna be fun.

      PS, As this jacket fits Mark, it WONT fit me... not that I have a chance of winning it anyway, but rest assured that this main prize will not be taken by me!

      I'm pretty sure people are going to draw me drawing a drawing... that's how bad my drawing is..

    Here you go. Let me know if the link doesn't work.

    I apologise if my artistic ability offends anybodies eyes.

    ps. My other personal hell is boarding a Cityrail train that never stops.

      Yours is good. I want my night tonight to be in RPG form now... I actually LOL'd, not just typed it.

    Hopefully this is accepted, didn't see anything in the rules saying I couldn't do this.

      Just incase my screenshot effort was seen as weak. The same picture but handdrawn.

    My personal hell...

      What's wrong with Michael Bolton and Celine Dion?!

        To me it's like nails down a blackboard!

      Your Hell is indeed Hellish but I'm not sure if it counts because you didn't do a drawing. :P

        It does say it's more about the concept than execution.. but I could always draw a penis on there for good measure if required!

          You should definitely do that

            Jst for you loops ;)

            NSFW version.


              if that was REALLY for me, you would have turned all the mics into cocks :P

    WOW.. Im already done!.. entry to come.. working from home today is awesome

      So happy with this. I had no idea what to do then thought of this. seriously 5 mins work.. Im going out in a bit so have no time...

      I even used Crayola Crayons thanks to MiniShady..

      Hope you like it.

        Charming, lol!

          Hopefully everyone knows I dont usually swear online, so this is really to show how angry I am. I thought about having lines radiating out of him but they'd just look like stink lines.

        OK, before any smart arse points out, that is not the TV on (because there is no power).. its um.. screen burn, yeah .. like i planned that... ok...

        ..... no power... and yet the tv is on? :0

          The above comment is therefore for you buddy... LOL

        SFW version, just if my language is not appreciated.

    Personally this is my hell.

      If you can't accept my first entry, here's the same thing but drawn perfectly in MS Paint.

    I have a good idea, but I can't even draw the simple boxes I'd need to enter it.

    Chrono Break sitting in a box of indestructible glass. Next to it is every Call of Duty game made in humanity's past, present, and future.

    I hope Gawker don't get mad, I wasn't implying they were evil or anything :P

      I just watched a review for this game, it looks like a fun game!

      I assume we get to choose whether we want a PS3 or Xbox version??

    Seeing as I'm in no way a seasoned artist, here's my concept...

    seems like quite a lot of people don't get the "draw" thing so far... lol

    Having an awful 30 minute go. Might put up a similar one later on. And as you can tell i am indeed a professional artist.

    This took me all night, sorry about the image quality.

    Hey guys here's my Nightmararish Hell....Enjoy.

    My original Drawing:

    And abit of watercolour to flesh the idea out abit more:

      hehe.. distubing, but good.

      Nice work mate.

        ahahaha cheers mate!!
        It's titled, "Ginger of the Damned" eheheheh

    This took an embarassingly long time.

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