Winners! Shadow Of The Damned... AKA Your Own Personal Hell!

When I have a photoshop/drawing comp to judge, this is what I do. I save them all to a folder in my desktop. Inside that folder I make another folder called 'possible'. That's where all the ones I think have a chance of winning go. Then I choose the winners from the shortlist. I had to stop this time - because I had practically put every single entry into the 'possible' folder.

The problem was this - even if the entries were crappily drawn, most had an awesome concept. Roughly 50% made me laugh out loud.

Thankfully I felt like there was one standout. So congratulations to Arabel - you are the overall winner! Getting both the Jacket and the game. Arabel

The runners up are...


Mr Taco

Jamie What?

Congrats to all the winners! Please email me here and let me know whether you prefer PS3 or 360 copies of the game.

And as always, here are a couple of honorable mentions...


Bukake Kane


Jordaan (technically not a drawing, but it made me laugh)


Mark P

Neon Jackal







    WHAT!??! i got a runners up?!!?!

    No freakin way?!!?

    That is so AWESOME!!!
    Thanks sooo much, Mark! :D

    Most of all i am SO STOKED that Arabel won. That entry was just AWESOME. I will go as far as to say that is my favorite entry that i have seen in a comp for quite some time - not only was it fantastically drawn, but it actually made me laugh out loud, which even though i seem to type a lot, i don't do as often as you may imagine :P

    Congratulations, Arabel, you honestly deserve it and trumped the crap outta the rest of us.

    Also well done to the other runners up, and the honorable mentions - this was such a rad comp with some seriously funny and spooky (petite i'm looking at you) stuff in there.

    Also, as a side note, Mark - all these images being full size thumbnail thingies is causing my work computer to have a seizure.

      Also - Jamie WHAT?!?! - You're entry touched me, man... touched me right here *points to heart*

      I think all religious people should fast for Jamie, not some other made up dude, from now onwards


      Yours made me laugh the most choopsipoo, and by most I mean the only one I actually laughed at.

      Sorry everyone else.

        I knew there was a reason i find you so alluring

    Yay, nice work everyone!

    Congrats Arabel, many lols were had reading over that yesterday.

    After-party in TAY everyone! We have lammingtons and lemonade!

    Said it before, but I'll say it again, some AMAZING entries!
    Congrats to the winners, and everybody else! You got a good chuckle out of me.

      Also, I don't even want to know why Chuloopa's man bits are censored horizontally.


        *cries hysterically*

    I hate the feeling of simultaneous joy and disappointment!

    Congrats everyone, great work.

    Congrats Arabel and the runners up. These were hilarious. xD

    Congrats to all. I had fun getting out the crayons anyway. I gotta lift my game!

      I reallly liked yours, though!

      You swored!!

      You crazy family man, you1

    AAAAAAAAAAAH! Thanks so so so so so much (also thank-you as now people in my office are looking at me strangely for doing a victory dance). That comp was so fun.

    Congrats to all the runners up too, I laughed so much going through all the entries.

    And thanks for all the super nice comments, people, y'all are too kind!

      Kudos do you!

      As I read it I kept thinking "This is awesome! Why didn't I think of that?"

      Very clever stuff.

    After looking over all of those, I'm fair sure my video game hell would be living with Chuloopa.

    Not even my missus is that highly strung.

      I don't get it?

      How am i highly strung now?

        I think because of the positions of the names you have been mistaken for Mr. Taco. Maybe.

          Who you callin' highly-strung?? *crazyeyes*

          Oh I just realised I didn't say which version in my e-mail. Um, 360 please? >.>

    Brilliant work by Arabel.

    Also love the one by Brontothunder.

    Hey big congrats Arabel! Beautifully done entry, finally someone made it easy for Mark to pick a winner! :-D No offence everyone else of course... they were all equally as awesome, just ever so smidgingly slightly lower than Arabels. But very good, like, right up there. Indeed I could say, that if Arabel was indeed a fish unable to draw, you would all have won first place, therefore having to chop the jacket up into tiny whiney pieces, to sow on as patches on your elbows.

      Oh, yeah. I've abstained from TAY for 2 days. I'll return tomorrow if I have energies my fellow Latays and Gentaymens.

    THANKS SO MUCH!!!! I'm glad my scarring pain has brought some good in to this world.

    I was actually going to draw somehing, umm... A little better. But I thought we had a week, then I left a few days go passed, then I noticed, and so I settled for this.

    Also, a VERY well deserved win for arabel!

    congrats guys they were all great!

    but while we are on the topic, my prize from the witcher comp still hasn't arrived... i'm hoping it's just ash cloud delays or something...

      How long have you been waiting for that? I still haven't gotten anything for the Dead Rising 2 comp :/

    I don't get the one with the gray girl being attacked by a giant tongue O_o

    ha! Really cool. Congrats to everyone's awesome entry :)

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