Wow, This Kind Of Stuff Is OK On The PSP?

Shirogane no Cal to Suokuu no Jyoou is an adult adventure game that originally hit the PC. Now, it's getting a PSP release.

Lots of adult games get PSP ports, but even hardened Japanese netizens on web forum 2channel are surprised at how explicit the event scenes for the PSP version appear.

The game does check off stereotypical visual novel game boxes, such as tentacles and purple hair.

Shirogane no Cal to Suokuu no Jyoou will be out in Japan later this year. It is currently not yet rated. Here is the PC trailer, which will give you an idea of what you are getting into. Or avoiding. - 「白銀のカルと蒼空の女王」にイベントCGなどが追加されたPSP版が登場。発売日は10月13日(白銀のカルと蒼空の女王) []


    Only Japan...
    WTF Japan?!

    NSFW tag please!

    As per the article adult games make the leap from PC to PSP (and PS2) in Japan but see the adult content removed.... how that stuff got through wow...

    I think we should run a "Translate this text" competition for the bottom image.

      "Your resistance only makes my penis harder."

      Okay, I'm done.


    If people want this, let them buy it; it doesn't bother you (unless your bosses at Kotaku force you to review it?)

    Only PSP?

    What? No Street Pass?

      Trust me, you don't want to see an avatar getting off while someone plays the game. ;)

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